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Managing the 'back to school wobbles'...

Dear Parents and Carers,


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  As you know we work with the team at Action Your Potential to support mental health, well-being and unleash the learning of all of our wonderful students.  At AYP everything is understood in terms of what our brain's are doing.


Moments of transition and change are tricky for brains - all brains, children, young people, teachers and parents and carers.   Here, Andrew from AYP, walks us through why the brain finds change so hard and what we can do about it.


How to Manage the Back to School Wobbles (1) - Primary 

How to Manage the Back to School Wobbles (2) - Primary


Don't forget you're all about to join and access the support from AYP via their #NeuroNinja Learning Hub, just sign up here.


For more information about supporting mental health and mind management, see our videos here about building mental flexibility and managing your brain's worry system.


How to Manage My Brain's Worry System - 14:27s

Introducing Your Mind's Garen - 7:39s


Best wishes for the term ahead.

Andrew, Angela, Darren and the team of coaches at Action Your Potential