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Google Classroom

About Google Classroom

We have always known that the partnership between families and schools is fundamental in helping our children to achieve. 2020 has shone a spotlight on just how important our relationships are in supporting our children to learn! Through our many phone conversations during lockdown, parent surveys and pupil voice, we understand the challenges that learning at home can present.

The development of our Remote Learning Format is designed to strengthen and support our partnership in providing our children with a great education, even if they are unable to attend school.


Below you can find guides to help explain how to access and use the remote learning platform, Google Classroom.

Getting Started With Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom

Downloading iOS and Android Apps

As well as using a laptop and desktop computer to access Google Classroom, you can also access the platform via apps that can be downloaded from your device's app store.


Please open your app store and search for 'Google Classroom'. It is also recommended that you download and install the Google Docs and Google Drive app.


It is highly recommended that you always use the latest app versions to ensure reliability and compatibility.

Getting Support

There are various places you can go for support with Google Classroom, including some very informative tutorials found YouTube.

If your query is concerning homework, please email your class teacher in the first instance. Whilst teachers will endeavour to reply to you promptly, please be aware that they too are working under various constraints, so replies may come at different times of the day.


You can find your teacher's email address below: 


1G: 1g.class@ewp-tkat.org1E: 1e.class@ewp-tkat.org1J:
2PM: 2pm.class@ewp-tkat.org2E: 2e.class@ewp-tkat.org2L:
3B: 3b.class@ewp-tkat.org3KT: 3kt.class@ewp-tkat.org3RN:
4EJ: 4ej.class@ewp-tkat.org4A: 4a.class@ewp-tkat.org4F:
5MB: 5mb.class@ewp-tkat.org5K: 5k.class@ewp-tkat.org5W:
6K: 6k.class@ewp-tkat.org6R: 6r.class@ewp-tkat.org6S:


Please note, class accounts from 2020-2021 are no longer available.

Technical Support

If you require technical support, for example password resets or help with accessing Google Classroom, please email Please include as much detail as possible including your child's name and class. 


East Wickham Primary Academy are not responsible  in any way for content shared and/or uploaded to the Google Classroom platform. It is the parents/carers sole responsibility to ensure that they have adequate safeguards in place whilst using a home domestic network, including but not limited to up-to-date antivirus and filtering systems. All use of Google services, including Classroom and Gmail is governed by our E-Safety Policy and must be used appropriately. Any misuse may result in access being withdrawn.