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Academic Year 2022-23

Antibullying Week - November 2022

EWPA Annual Fireworks Event - 4th November 2022

We were delighted to hold our annual fireworks event again this year. Our school community and local community came out to enjoy this event. There were many smiling faces, enjoying the face painting, glow sticks and all of the yummy food and drinks on offer.

We thank everyone for their support and our wonderful staff for their dedication and help to make this a successful event for the whole community.

We managed to raise £3000, this money will go to supporting a number of enrichment activities for children across each year group over the year.


Academic Year 2021-22

Year 5 PGL Trip to Windmill Hill 9.5.22 - 11.5.22


Tuesday 10th May 2022

The children are having a wonderful time at PGL, enjoying all of the activities.

As soon as staff are able to, they will upload photos today.  Unfortunately they are experiencing problems with internet connection.


Please see the below some of yesterday's activities. The staff would like to express how very proud they are of all of the children. Their behaviour and manners are exemplary. They are all happy and have headed out today with full tummies for the adventures ahead!

Mrs Moore and Mrs Whiley are setting off shortly to visit.









More to come later!


Wednesday 11th May

The children had a fun and busy day yesterday finished with an amazing disco. They are all very eager for the activities ahead. 
















Book Week 28th February- 4th March


The Twits by Roald Dahl

Year 2 have been exploring The Twits book. They each made their own Roly-Poly birds. The children loved being creative and getting a little bit messy.

Children in 2L created a life size Mr Twit. Lots of team work was involved and Mr Twit is now living in the KS1 corridor. 





Leon and the Place in between


In Year 6 we have been reading Leon and the Place Between. We imagined that we were Leon being placed into the magician's box and described our own fantasy world we would like to have been transported to.

Jo-Jo 6S

The air around me crackled and fizzed as I was tumbling relentlessly towards the in between. Hundreds of people were surrounding me. Children in rags are running past me. Down the street, someone is yelling “Pollock, fresh Pollock! Buy three for 1 shilling.” The smell of salt is stinging my nostrils. Noise is coming from a large building. The sign says “ale and beds since 1862”. Boats are being pulled out with 5 to 6 men on each one. Nets and oars are lying around. Children in bathing suits are splashing in the water, laughter and giggles enter my eardrums.  The cool sea breeze is tickling my cheeks. I am strolling down the street taking in every breath when I notice the atmosphere abruptly changes. The market is now in the distant horizon and an unwelcome stench fills my nostrils. This part of the town was less crowded. In addition, it has less warmth. Suddenly, I came to a halt standing in front of a large 2-storey building. Its’ bricks are worn and in large letters it says “workhouse”. Right at that moment, I knew I should turn back…


Hollie 6K


The air around me crackled and fizzed as I tumbled relentlessly towards a new dazzling, magical world. I make my way through my new luxurious world, while hearing far in the distance many birds chirping sweetly to the sound of a quiet, calming tune. While bouncing from mushroom to mushroom, I can taste the delicious, mouth-watering taste of candy floss as if it is falling from the sky. Feeling amazed, I make my way through a mystical, enchanted forest. I experience seeing many wonderful, thrilling things including magic pathways, stories and high glistening wings; it felt like I was in a real life storybook. As I reach far out into the crispy air, I can feel tingles on my fingertips of white fluffy clouds. Making my way through the vibrant, blue sky, I can smell the bright colour of the rainbow. While I swing high into the sky, I can hear the waves splashing in the bitter, blue sea.