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East Wickham

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Wickham Street,

Welling, DA16 3BP

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EWPA Governing Body Members


Chair of Governors

Mr Mike Jeffers - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 (Sep 23) -  NONE

Commenced 30/07/2013 (Current 4 year term started 10/09/2022 expires 09/09/2026)

My name is Mike Jeffers and I have been chairman of the Board of Governors at East Wickham Primary Academy since July 2013. With both my parents having had long careers in teaching it was perhaps inevitable that I would become involved in schools in some way, and when the offer came to join the Board of EWPA I was pleased to accept it and try to contribute to the oversight of the school.

Though now retired, over the past 25 years I have worked in a variety of finance and management roles in financial services firms in London and across Asia. I believe that my career has given me the skills and experience to fulfil the critical role of the governor, which is to regularly review, assess and challenge information provided by the school’s leadership. This in turn allows the Board to ensure that limited resources are used wisely to constantly improve the education of and environment for our pupils.

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Vice - Chair

Mr Rob Spillett – Chair of Finance, Facilities and Personnel Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 (Sep 2023) -NONE. Commenced 16/03/2015 (Current 4 year term started 14/09/2021 expires 13/09/2025)

"I have been a Community Governor at East Wickham Primary Academy since September 2014. I was drawn to the role because I wanted to give something back to community in which I live and have grown up in. Since starting I have been greatly impressed by the dedication of both the teachers and pupils alike. My areas of particular interest are Parental Engagement and School Finance. I live locally and have children in local schools. I work in the City specialising in foreign exchange markets."










Mrs Maureen Moore - Co-Head Teacher Governor - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 - NONE.(Sep 2023)Commenced 01/09/2021 


My name is Maureen Moore and I have been part of the school leadership team at East Wickham since 2006. I taught across three primary schools in Bexley before joining the infant school as Deputy Head and SENCo. My passion in building the skills of our children with SEND has remained the priority throughout my changing role across the two buildings.

Now as Co-Head Teacher alongside Jo, it is still my privilege and motivation to ensure our school is inclusive in every way and develops our children holistically for all the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for them. Every child has a voice that we value and nurture and enables them to grow as a team and family across the school community. Our children are incredible champions of our school, always having so many amazing ideas for us to take forward into our future together.


Mrs Jo Whiley - Co-Head Teacher Governor - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 - NONE (Sep  2023) Commenced 01/09/2021 

My name is Jo Whiley and along with Maureen, I have the privilege of being a Co-Headteacher at EWPA. I started my teaching career in East Wickham Infant School and during my time there, I held many different roles. My passion is Early Years, I believe that getting the foundations right for children ensures future success.

When the Infant school amalgamated with the Junior school I became the Head of School and worked alongside Maureen to move the school from special measures to the now Good rating from Ofsted. EWPA has been my home for many years and I consider the school community to be my extended family.


Ms Eve Davis - Community Governor - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023  (Sep 2023) - NONE- Commenced 19/12/2013 (Current term started 10/09/2022 expires 09/09/2026)


My name is Eve Davis, I was a Parent Governor at East Wickham Primary Academy since January 2014 and am now a Community Governor.
My eldest daughter is in year 7 and my youngest daughter has just started in year 3.
It is my first time as a Governor and I'm really enjoying it. Before I had my children I worked as a Children's Nanny for a year and 13 years as a Nursery Nurse before that, so have lots of experience working with and caring for children, so it's something I've always been interested in. Becoming a Governor seemed the best way to make a contribution to the school.


Mrs Camilla Parnham - Support Staff Governor - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 (Sep 2022)- Employed as HLTA - Commenced 09/10/2014 (Current 4 year term started 09/10/2022 expires 08/10/2026)

"I have been employed at East Wickham since 2008 in the capacity of a teaching assistant, cover supervisor and a midday supervisor. I am currently involved in delivering the ACE programme in school. Previous to this, I was employed as a General Registered Nurse and became a ward sister. After many years, I decided to change profession when my son and daughter were born."



Mrs Lucy Pearson - Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 (Oct 2022) - NONE - Commenced 13/01/2013 (Current 4 year term started 13/09/2021 expires 12/09/2025)

I am a former pupil of EWPA and went on to study at Townley Grammar. I read History and Sociology at Liverpool University and then went on to train to teach. I still live in Bexley, however I have spent my whole teaching career working for Bromley schools. I am currently a Deputy Head Teacher at a large secondary school. When the opportunity arose a few years ago to become a governor at the school I jumped at the chance. I am looking forward to working with the school for many more years to come.


Mrs Melissa Edwards - Parent Governor - Teacher at EWPA -Declarations of Interest including transactions to 31st August 2023 (Sep 2023) Employed as a teacher Commenced 9th December 2020- (Current 4 year term started 10/12/2020 expires 09/12/2024)

I am currently an ECT teacher at East Wickham Primary Academy and have a child in Reception as well as a one year old. I have worked in various sectors including broking, education, NHS and television so I bring a range of experience to this position. Education has always been my passion, hence why I have decided to pursue a career in teaching and I want to support parents and staff alike in upholding the school’s mission statement. The school has become very special to me having been on both sides, teaching and being a parent so it is important to me that it thrives. I hope to make a valuable contribution to the school.





Clerk to The Governors

Adam Blakemore - Commenced April 2018

Our Clerk is provided by the Bexley Clerkship Service