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As you are aware the importance of family is very strong at East Wickham; as soon as you join us, you are part of the family! As with all families, we look after each other and provide support if needed. Mental health and well-being are always important but the recent pandemic, dealing with lockdown and the changes we have had to manage, will have affected us all. As adults, we are getting better with talking about how we feel and asking for help. At EWPA we want to ensure that our children learn, from a young age, how important it is to talk about their feelings, take time for themselves and ask for help if they need it. 
We all value the importance of learning but many children and young people have to deal with anxieties, depression or other worries that can create a barrier to their learning. As a school we would like to provide the best support we can to our families and children. We already provide lots of support through our pastoral team; lunch clubs, social groups, etc. We would like to enable our families to support each other at home too, particularly at a time when many children are experiencing anxiety with regards to coming back to school.
In this area of our website we will add documents, links or videos to help you best support your children. As always, we are here if you need us, so we will still be able to offer support or advice for you or your child. 

Neuro-Ninja - Action Your Potential

To access the recordings of the Neuro-Ninja webinar series from Action Your Potential, please follow the link below to their website.  


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