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Children as Leaders

At EWPA we offer our children a range of leadership opportunities. We want our children to thrive on being responsible, trustworthy and dedicated individuals.  Our children enjoy taking on responsibilities and leading by example. Many of these roles involve children giving up a little of their own time, usually during playtimes, and this is something which they do willingly as they enjoy supporting and enthusing others socially and academically. Children all take on leadership roles within their classrooms, in addition to the roles outlined below:


Head/Deputy Children: Our children in Y6 submit applications to the Co-Heads for the role of Head or Deputy Head children. This role is a very important role, as the children  need to be an inspirational role model to everybody else. Their duties include welcoming visitors to the school, attending meetings with the CLT and the SLT and helping out around the school. The children understand that they must demonstrate how they uphold the values of EWPA.. Every applicant is interviewed by the Co-Head teachers. They are appointed for their caring, respectful, hardworking and inspirational qualities. They are ambassadors for the school who hold and show - every day, our school values.  All of the head children wear badges to ensure that all children know who they are and can approach them as needed. The Head children lead our Children's Leadership Team. 


Children's Leadership Team: From Y3 - Y6 children are invited to apply to be on the CLT. A list of attributes are given and children are invited to apply for the role. Within their class, the children give presentations to their peers detailing how they would fulfill the role. The class then democratically vote for their chosen candidate. All of our CLT wear badges to ensure that children around the school know who they are and can approach them as needed. The children's leadership team, along with the head children, meet regularly with the Co-Head teachers and other SLT to share children's voice and work on projects within school.


Team Captains: Each of our 4 teams across the school have a team Captain and Vice Captain. These are our Y6 children, they are invited to the role by the SLT. These children particularly develop their leadership skills through sports.


ACE Ambassadors: All of our ACE children are invited to apply to this role. To fulfill this role, the children are asked to demonstrate how they will be inspirational role models to younger children. They are responsible for guiding and inspiring children by sharing their own experiences and encouraging them to pursue their passions and goals. 

These children work across the school in a number of roles including TTRS lunch club to practise times table fluency; supporting individual attendance challenge recognition rewards.


Attendance Ambassadors: At EWPA attendance is one of our highest priorities alongside safeguarding. We strive for good attendance for all of our children. To support the attendance team, we invite children from Reception to Year 6 to become attendance ambassadors for their class.  Their roles include overseeing individual attendance challenges, giving our recognition rewards in assembly.


Language Ambassadors: