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Well done to Libby for her amazing spelling homework this week. This was the first time we expected the children to use all of their spelling words in a paragraph. Libby decided to write this engaging short mystery story. She even thought about the Year 6 writing expectations and edited her work.


Timmy in 6B has also written an amazing paragraph entitled 'Life and Death':

"Some people believe that there's heaven and hell. Others don't. Some people die together. Others don't. Some people are frightened of the dark. Others aren't. Some people think there will be a tomorrow. I don't. Some people have received gifts. Others unfortunately haven't. Everyone is different. That's life. Some people have had something happen to them. There's always a surprise in life. We all probably find things interesting. If you don't, then you're not a human." Well done Timmy!

Spanish - February 2019

Class 6B have done very well in their Spanish role plays last week. They were very creative and applied their newly learnt skills effectively, ensuring humor and drama in their performances. Muy Bien! Mrs Ermis


World War 2 Evacuee Visit - 5th February 2019

Great afternoon in Year 6. Today we were very lucky to interview Fred Kaul - a WW2 evacuee. The children loved hearing his stories and asking him questions about his first-hand experiences. In class, we will be looking at Fred's original diary, letters, postcards, scrapbook and ration book. We hope this has helped the children to understand what life would have been like for an evacuee. Thank you Fred for your time. 

Topic - The Blitz

Quotes from some of our Year 6 children

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