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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


We are looking forward to an exciting and progress filled year with your children. This is an especially important year while we work with your children to achieve the levels required to enter year 6 and secondary school. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the things that your child has done.

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Ducky Watch

26th February 2019 - The Year 5 children are excited, the duck eggs have arrived and are waiting to share what they have learned with everyone. Here is the first episode of Ducky Watch.

27th February 2019 - Day 3: It's day three for the Year Five Duckie watch! Tension is mounting as we wait for the ducklings to hatch. More pipping has occurred and some wobbling of the eggs. To find out more, watch here...

Examples of Learning


Year 5 have been working hard to measure angles using a protractor.


Spanish - Europa Town

What a fantastic experience the Year 5 classes had visiting Europa Town at Bexley Grammar School.

On arrival the children filled in Spanish passports and successfully went through passport control after answering questions in Spanish.

After that, they were free to visit any stall: the fruit and veg shop, the clothes shop, the post office and more. As long as they asked for what they wanted in Spanish, they could ‘buy’ anything. Many children brought some of their own pocket money to spend on real ice cream and juice in the café.

After exploring Europa Town, the children sat in small groups for a puppet show of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ in Spanish. Well done to all the children for using their Spanish skills. Mrs Ermis

Greek Day - 12th February 2019

Today (Tuesday 12 February) Year 5 were able to immerse themselves in the Greek culture. They got to try new foods, some children learned that they liked olives or even feta cheese. The children also got to create masks, like the ones that would be worn by Greek actors. Also, they were able to build mazes, like the one Theseus needed to get through to defeat the Minotaur. Everyone had a lot of fun participating in our Olympic events in the afternoon (running, long jump, javelin and shot put). Well done Year 5!


Spanish - Pen Pal Letters - December 2019

Exciting News! Year 5 children have received their first pen pal letters all the way from Spain. They worked very hard to reply to their new friends in Spanish and they had lots of fun. Well done! Mrs Ermis


Topic - Ancient Greeks

Spanish Pen Pals

Fantastic news! We have received the letters from our Spanish pen pals in Burgos, Spain. The children in year 5 have worked hard to write their replies. Here are some examples.  On the left are the ones we received and on the right are our replies. Muy bien! Mrs Ermis 



In our wings 5 class in 5C we have been reading about King Arthur and Sir Gawain, as well as the knights of the round table. We have been focusing on asking questions about what we read and using our inner voice to help understand the book. Today we sorted out questions that we have been recording into different categories so that we can better understand how to answer them. We will be continuing to read legends for the next week. 


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Quotes from some of our Year 5 children

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