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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

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Year Overview

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Quotes from some of our Year 4 children

Examples of Learning


In Science, Year 4 have been learning about the three states of matter. We did several experiments together as a year group to see how solids turn into liquids, liquids turn into gases and discussed the difference between a reversible and irreversible change. Afterwards, the children enjoyed chocolate strawberries!



Escape Room - November 2019

We have been learning about climate change and how humans have affected habitats around the world. Last week, we learnt about what we can do to help. This afternoon, the teachers hid a number of different tasks around the room which Year 4 had to find. We had to solve the clues, which included code ciphers, mazes and word games, in order to understand the effects of climate change. It was a challenge - especially connecting the puzzle pieces correctly! Year 4



4R have been looking at circuits as part of our electricity unit in Science. We wanted to know how to make a light bulb light up so used the equipment to make our own circuits. This included a battery, light bulb and wires. We learnt about the different components and how to represent these. Finally, we drew the circuits that we had created and used a key to show what the different symbols meant.


Topic - Romans

London Walk - 28th November 2019

Year 4 got the train to London and walked along the River Thames. They got to walk through Borough Market to experience all of the delicious food on sale and looked out for the landmarks that they had been learning about last term (Tower Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye to name a few). We even got to watch some skaters impress us on the Southbank! After a long walk, we caught the Thames Clipper back up to London Bridge to come home. A really enjoyable day! 


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