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East Wickham

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Wickham Street,

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East Wickham

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs KestoMrs ThomsonMiss BarkwayMrs O'NeillMrs Rust

Year 3 Teacher

Class 3KT-W, Th, F

Year 3 Teacher

Class 3KT-M, T, W

Year 3 Teacher

Class 3B

Year 3 Teacher

Class 3RN-W,Th,W

Year 3 Teacher

Class 3RN-M,T,W

Year Overview

Knowledge Organiser



Quotes from some of our Year 3 children

Examples of Learning

Mediterranean Day

As part of Year 3 learning about and celebrating Mediterranean Day, they were having fun making pizzas as part of the activities.


Topic - Sound


3ET have been working so well in their Gymnastics lessons. We have been learning about symmetrical balances (where balances are the same on both sides) and asymmetrical balances (where balances are different on both sides). These pictures show some of the fantastic balances that we have been creating. We have been trying to use different levels (heights) and different connection points between our bodies. Can you see which balances are symmetrical and which are asymmetrical? 


3ET have had another brilliant gymnastics lesson in PE. This week we have been focusing on showing excellence in our balances (with pointed fingers and toes). We have also been trying to create a sequence, involving moving symmetrically into and out of our balances. 


Soil Investigation

3ET enjoyed investigating the permeability of different soils - maybe now they can give you top tips for your garden plants!


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