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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


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Great Fire of London!

Today, (Tuesday 19th September 2017) Year 2 made 3D models of the streets around Pudding Lane using cardboard boxes and card. We then placed all our models in the playground and watched as Mrs Whiley started the fire in Thomas Farynor's Bakery to re-create the Great Fire of London which started 2nd September 1666. Our fire spread quickly to the other houses, just as how it happened in 1666. It was a great learning experience enjoyed by all of Year 2. Mrs Lewis, Miss Laurance and Miss Adams.


Year Two were lucky enough to have firemen from Plumstead Fire Station come to visit. They showed us how to use the hose and the different tools they use. We learnt about how their job has changed since The Great Fire of London.


We have been learning how to add and subtract 2 digit numbers using our understanding of number bonds and place value.

2A have been practising 2 step word problems in Maths. The children have been looking at the language used in the problems to help them decide if they need to add or subtract. They then set out the 2 steps to the problem to solve it.



2A have been studying materials in Science. We put our hands into bags and felt the mystery objects inside. We had to describe the materials we felt.

Some of the words the class used to describe the different materials included 'crunchy', flimsy' and 'cold'.

Spanish Week

Year 2 had a special guest during Spanish Week. We can now say 'Hello', 'What is your name?', 'My name is______' and numbers up to 10 in Spanish. Thank you to Sarah for coming in and teaching us.


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