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East Wickham

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Wickham Street,

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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Year 2 Teacher

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Year 2 Teacher

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Quotes from some of our Year 2 children

Examples of Learning


This term, Year 2 have had a special delivery from the Queen. Her best friend Paddington the bear has come to stay with us for a few months. He has been on many travels in our local area and today, 2B learnt about his visit to Severndroog Castle. The children's task was to persuade me to visit the Castle with Paddington. Each table created a mind map and then presented their ideas in front of the class. The children were very confident and used excellent adjectives to describe the features of Severndroog Castle. 



February 2021

This term Year 2 have had lots of fun learning about nurses past and present, healthy eating plates, kindness and word art. They have been working exceptionally hard so we thought we would share some fantastic examples of their work. We are super proud of them and wish them a big well done!


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