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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Whiley Mrs Manzi Mrs Moore

Head of EYFS & KS1

Child Protection Officer

Head Teacher

Child Protection Officer

Head of KS2

Child Protection Officer


Mrs Daly Mr McAlinney Mrs Johnson

Assistant Head Teacher

KS1 SENCO & Inclusion

Assistant Head Teacher

Coaching Lead

Assistant Head Teacher

KS2 SENCO & Inclusion


School Offices

Mrs C. Conner School Business Manager  
Mrs S. Brown Office Manager  
Mrs T. Lacey Admin Assistant KS1  
Miss Y. Kennedy Admin Assistant KS2  
Miss F. Hammond Finance Officer / Admin Assistant  


Attendance Officers

Mrs L. Asbury

School Officer EWPA

Mrs I. McLellan

Education Welfare Officer SEAAS


Teaching Staff

EYFS & Reception  
Mrs K. Warrener (Nursery) Nursery Manager / Forest School Lead 
Mrs D. Ali (R1) EYFS Lead
Mrs C. Sansom (R1) EYFS Lead
Miss M. Evans (R2) P.E.
Miss Z. Bryant (R3) Outdoor Learning Lead
Year 1  
Mrs N. Payton (1P) English and SFA
Mrs T. Morrissey (1M) Science
Mrs K Lewis (1L) Computing
Year 2  
Mrs E. Brown (2B)  
Mrs L. Adams (2A) Understanding the World
Mrs C. Daly (2B)  
Miss E. Laurance (2LA) PSHE, Values and Growth Mindset
Year 3  
Mrs Logsdon (3L) Maths and Maths Mastery
Mrs Lucia (3L)  
Mrs K. Johnson (3J) Head of Year Design Technology
Miss K. Barkway (3B) P.E.
Year 4  
Mr I. McAlinney (4M) Head of Year  
Miss K. O'Riordan (4R) History and Geography
Miss K. Beaver (4B) Music and Choir
Year 5  
Mrs K. Causarano (5C) Head of Year Science
Mrs K. Endersby (5EM) Music and Choir
Miss M. McDonald (5M) Music and Choir
Mrs C. O'Neill (4N) English and SFA
Year 6  
Miss G. Slater (6S) Head of Year PSHE, Values and Growth Mindset
Ms J. Barss (6B) History and Geography
Mrs L. Kaul (6K)  



Mrs A. Wellings Learning Mentor  
Mrs S. Blowers Behaviour Mentor  
Mrs M. Skinner Learning Mentor  


PPA Teachers

Mrs A. Ermis Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L. Thomson Religious Education
Mrs A. Rust Environment, Art and Display
Mrs A. Kesto  



Mr J. Lindeque Site Manager  
Mrs Y. Gould KS1 Caretaker  
Mrs G. Adhikari Cleaner  
Mrs J. Gilbert Cleaner  
Mrs L. Mansfield Cleaner  
Mrs L. Toogood Cleaner  
Mrs A. West Cleaner  
Mrs K. Harris Cleaner  


Teaching Assistants

Camilla Parnham

Caroline Johnston

Caroline Jones

Diane Davies

Christine York

Debra Norton

  Elizabeth Young


Donna Cachia

  Jacqui Keogh

Fiona Lawrenson

Hilary Smith

  Lesley Williams

Kathryn Fox

Kim Hudson

  Louise Hawkes

Lisa Adkins

Lorraine Neville

  Rachel Tait

Pauline Beaver

Rachel Sewell

  Sarah Blowers

Rosemarie Boyle

Sam Burns

  Sue Foster

Susan Piper

Susan Warwick

  Yvonne Margetson   Tina Arnold  Veronica Vidler


Midday Supervisors

Annamarie West  Lisa Adkins   
Camilla Parnham  Lisa Hatley  Sue Foster 
Carolyn Pound  Louise Hawkes  Susan Warwick 
Diane Davies  Marilyn Midford  Tina Arnold 
Donna Cachia  Martyna Motyl-Nowak Veronica Vidler 
Elizabeth Young  Paige Leutchford  Wendy Marrable 
Jaswinder Atwal  Ritu Kainth   
Kathryn Fox  Romilla Spillett   
Kiran Deep  Sam Burns  
Larraine Mansfield  Samantha Krolzig   


SCITT Trainee Teachers