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Girls Football League - 2019/2020

Monday 11th November : EWPA vs Brampton - Final Score 2-0

Team: Faith, Layla, Daisy, Alexi, Farren, Simi and Naiia
Tonight was the first night of the girls football league 19/20. The first opponents for the girls where the reigning champions Brampton. This was very scary for the girls at first however after an encouraging team talk they felt ready. The girls played really well and we are passing the ball Between them and they were not afraid to get stuck in. At half-time the score was two – nil to Brampton. At half-time we expressed to the girls how well they were doing and told them to continue with the hard work. This showed in the scoreline in the second half because they did not concede a goal and the game finished 2-0.


Monday 11th November : EWPA vs Hurst - Final Score 1-3

Team: Faith, Layla, Daisy, Alexi, Farren, Simi and Naiia

The second game was against Hurst. The game started and Naiia passed the ball to Layla. Unfortunately the ball came off her foot at a dodgy angle and went in the net. This did not phase Layla and she made some excellent tackles throughout the game. Daisy then scored a rocket two minutes later! It flew straight past the keeper and into the goal. The girls played really well and although we lost the game 3-1 the team spirit was excellent amongst them all.


Boys Football League - 2019/2020

Monday 27th January East Wickham V Birkbeck: Final score 3-6 

Team: Charlie, Ashton, Lewis, Quadri, Teddy, Daniel, Diego and Ziad

The rain poured down but this did not stop the boys from playing great football. The boys really communicated well in the difficult conditions. The game started and the boys were passing the ball well. Unfortunately the other team scored two goals from 25 yards. The boys heads did not go down and Diego managed to pull a goal back before half time. 
At half time the boys listened to Mr McNeil and knew that they had to work on passing quickly and making sure they followed up the rebounds. The second half began and it’s was a half of goals! They scored two quick goals in a row but the boys battled on and Diego scored another. The boys were hungry and were beginning to build in confidence and were taking more shots. The game finished 6-3 with Diego scoring a hat trick! The boys played the best I have seen them and they should all be really proud of themselves playing in those conditions. A special mention to all the parents and siblings who stood in the rain and did nothing but encourage the boys and celebrate their goals! This could not be done without you so thank you very much I know the children really appreciate it. 

Monday 18th November : EWPA (1) vs Holy Trinity (3)
Team- Leroy, Ashton,Quadri,Lewis,Kennie,Charlie,Diego,Daniel,Teddy,Sam-J

The match had started and Holy Trinity had almost automatically tried to score a goal but Leroy had blocked it with ease, Lewis had tried to score multiple times but unfortunately our opponent’s goalie had put them to a halt. A couple minutes later, Holy Trinity has scored, making it 1-0 to them. Our opponents had attempted to score but failed. This time they were lucky, Holy Trinity had scored after a battle to obtain the ball, the score had changed to 2-0. Half time and Ashton had scored a brilliant header and made it 2-1. It had been a challenge to get the ball but sadly Holy Trinity had scored a successful goal making it 3-1. Once again they had tried to score but thankfully Leroy had saved it. Our opponents had again nearly tried to score. After a good battle towards the end the game finished 3-1 and the boys went on the field to shake hands with their opponents. Well played boys.


Tuesday 5th November : East Wickham vs Burnt Oak - Final score 3-1

Team: Leroy, Ashton, Lewis, Daniel, Quadri, Charlie, Diego, Teddy D, Kennie

This was an exciting cup match and the team were well prepared after discussing positions and routines. The game kicked off and the boys were passing the ball really well between themselves. The ball was then crossed into the box by Kennie and Diego scored a great goal. Just before half time, Lewis scored another great goal. After an encouraging team talk the boys were ready for the second half. The light was disappearing but this did not stop the boys. Leroy made some amazing saves that kept us in the game. Then Burnt Oak scored. The boys heads did not go down and they pushed on and Kennie scored another goal anticipating a rebound from the goalkeeper! The final whistle went and the 3-1 win means the boys are through to the quarter finals of the cup, to be played in March.