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School Values

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Values Based Learning Community

EWPA is a values based community. This means that we promote and teach a set of values to our children that will ensure they develop the skills to equip them as good citizens of the future. We support our curriculum with a set of values that are woven into the teaching and learning in order to develop improved social and emotional skills that will promote behaviour and attitude.

Our values are promoted in the everyday life of the school.  Each month we lead a special assembly to introduce the value for the month. Teachers also explicitly teach the ‘Value of the Month’ in PSHE lessons. Wherever possible the value is taught in other areas of the curriculum. Most importantly, adults in the school ensure they are role models for each of the values.

Building Character at EWPA

At EWPA we strongly believe that our role as educators extends beyond academic achievement. It is our duty to develop and build character in all our children ensuring that each and every child is enabled to reach their full potential.

We do this through our Values Based Learning and British Values along with a Growth Mindset approach to learning. We endeavour to develop resilience and a positive attitude towards making mistakes and learning from them, in order to instill lifelong learning skills.


As part of our broader education. We aim to develop our children’s personal and moral values. We have a set of 11 values, one for every month that the children attend school.



Our children work hard to develop these skills and attitudes and look forward to our celebration assembly each week where we celebrate their learning with them and award certificates.


We talk to our children about our community as being the East Wickham family and we promote family values across our school.

Through these values children learn to have an understanding of how their actions may affect others. We also ensure that we develop our children’s understanding and appreciation of the multi-cultural society in which we live, developing respect for other races, religions and ways of life.


What do parents think of East Wickham? (Parent Survey - July 2018)

"They are proactive in managing behaviour and have a very positive rewards based approach. Staff show good role models to children with kind behaviour" - Parent Survey July 2018

"The school always has fun things going on -, i.e. end of term disco, Easter bonnets, science week etc. nothing is too  much for them" - Parent Survey July 2018

"EWPA know their children well, the office staff always say hello as well as management and other staff, their school reports are detailed and my daughter is very happy at this school." - Parent Survey July 2018

"East Wickham helps children to improve rapidly, the staff are good listeners, I am very happy with this school" - Parent Survey July 2018

"I believe that EWPA is a school that cares about its students well-being as well as their academic progress, they take time to get to know children individually and are very good at helping children make the t=right choices"  - Parent Survey July 2018


For a full list of responses, please see: