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          Reading at Nursery

Dear Parents & Carers

We know that children benefit hugely by exposure to books from an early age. Lots of opportunities to engage with books will help to build your child’s general knowledge, vocabulary and attention span. Story telling will allow your child to develop their imagination and language skills which are crucial. Modelling of general book care is also essential for young children to learn as they are introduced to the wonderful world of stories.

We are excited to announce that the Nursery reading trolley will be available from tomorrow (Wednesday 21st September). Our trolley is full of great stories that you can choose with your child to take home and share together. The trolley will be available outside Nursery each day at collection time, and on rainy days it will be placed under our garden shelter.

Today your child has come home with a Reading Record to begin this journey. Please use this to let us know how you are getting on and which stories you are enjoying. We reward the children who regularly read throughout the year, and the Reading Record helps us to keep track of this.

We ask that books are returned to the trolley before selecting another to ensure that we have enough for all our children and families to enjoy – thank you in advance.

Early positive experiences with books is the start to creating an enjoyment for reading within your child, which is what we strive for in our children at East Wickham.

If you have any questions please see me at the end of the Nursery session.

Happy reading J

Nursery team