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Thank you to all of the children who took part in our pupil voice survey in July 2018. Here are some of their comments about why they enjoy P.E:


What do you like to do in P.E. lessons?

Responses from children across KS1 and KS2 (July 2018)


‘I like the many different sports and exercises in P.E. because they’re fun but they’re quite tiring’

‘I like being active and learning new games and skills’

‘I like being active and taking part’

‘I like to do dodgeball because I find it very fun’

‘You play lots of sports and fun activities’

‘Rounders or cricket because I feel proud by the end’

‘I like doing gymnastics because I like using the equipment to do activities’

‘I like that we all work as a team to figure out what to do’

‘What I like about P.E. is that you get to do fun things like cricket and rounders’

‘I like that you do lots of P.E. lessons’

‘You get to have fun playing different types of sports’

‘I like to exercise from doing various types of sports’

‘I like cricket because it teaches us a sport we don’t know about’

‘That you can get fit playing football and play different sport games’

‘Rounders because it is really fun and it is a very competitive game’

‘In P.E. lessons I like to do cricket because it gets my energy up’

‘I like to find out about new activities and games’

‘I enjoy catching the ball and working as a team’

‘I like doing races because I’m getting faster’

‘When you get to find out different sports’

Pupil's thoughts about East Wickham

I'm in Year 6 at this school right now and I'm really enjoying it! I joined in Year 4, well, technically late Year 3, and the staff are really welcoming. They support you in everything and the children there are just brilliant. When I leave East Wickham, I'll be sad because I won't have the same teachers, the familiar faces. Once you join East Wickham Primary Academy, you become part of the EWPA family, which makes me have a flower bloom in my heart every time I think about it. - Hailey T, March 2021