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We all know how important learning phonics is to help our children read and write. This year, the children have missed a considerable chunk of phonics teaching and as a result we will be working hard to help them bridge the gap.
In this section we have put some useful video links, to help you understand synthetic phonics and also some good websites your child could access. The school will be providing resources to use during the summer to help you support your child to learn the relevant phonic sounds.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is an essential strategy that children are taught as part of the process of learning to read.


Phonics and Early Reading

At EWPA phonics is taught daily in Nursery, Reception and Keystage One. We use our SFA (Success for All) program which teaches children the 44 sounds of the English language and their corresponding letters.

Children are taught to read words by blending, which means pushing together the sounds to make a word. Similarly children are taught to spell by segmenting, which means sounding out words and writing down the sounds they hear in order.

At the end of Year One all children across the country take a test called a Phonic Screening Check. During this test the children are expected to read 40 real and nonsense words using their phonic knowledge. At EWPA we refer to the nonsense words as ‘alien’ words and we practise reading these everyday.

If you have any further questions about our phonic program or would like help and ideas of how to practise phonics at home, please make an appointment with our English Leaders or alternatively speak with your child’s class teacher.

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