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Our homework

Year 1 Homework Expectations


Shared Reading/Phonics

Each day in school the children will learn a new sound to continue to develop their phonic knowledge. During their Shared Reading lesson, they will practice this sound by reading a phonic reader. The book that they have read each day will be written into their reading record book. Please use the Parent Portal link below to access the online shared reading library, you will need to enter the code: pg8viv

You will then be able to find the story and re-read it with your child - this can be done on computers, laptops, tablets or phones. This is very important and will help your child to practice and become secure with the new sounds that they have been taught.


In Year 1 we check each child’s reading record and change books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have any messages or letters in book bags that you need us to check, please ask your child to take it out and hand it to their class teacher. This will also help to build their independence.

Please read with your child for at least ten minutes a night. This is crucial for the development of their reading and to help their progression. Please also sign your child’s reading record each time you read with them. It would be very helpful if you added a comment to let us know how well your child read the book. If you child has not finished their reading book and you would like them to keep it, please make a note in their reading record.

If your child comes home with a book they have had previously, please don’t be alarmed as occasionally we ask children to re-read a book to help build their fluency and expression. On a Friday we will send home a story book, this is for you to read to your child. We will collect this back in the follow week and provide you with a new one.

Every time your child reads they will earn a point for their class. The class with the most points at the end of the week will win a prize.


Reading and Spelling 


Each half term the children will have a homework grid with 9 pieces of topic homework to complete. Children are expected to complete a minimum of 6 tasks over the half term. We look forward to seeing your lovely homework.