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020 8854 3637

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East Wickham

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Wickham Street,

Welling, DA16 3BP

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East Wickham

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Our homework

Homework in Reception


We will set homework on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. This will give us time to mark and acknowledge your child’s homework contribution before we send out the next piece.



Each week, we will set your child a piece of phonics homework to complete with you. This will give them an opportunity to practise their phonics sounds from the week and take part in letter formation activities.



Each week, we will set your child a piece of maths homework to complete based upon their current topic in school.




As the children develop their knowledge of letter sounds, we will be sending home phonic reading books for them to read with you. It is important that your child reads these books with your support, practising blending the sounds that they know and have been taught to read words and then sentences. During these times please also talk about the book that you are sharing, talk about the characters, what has happened and what they think is going to happen.

Reading for pleasure is of utmost importance at East Wickham, we encourage children to select a book of their choice from our book corner to bring home for you to read to them. Please share this book together, encourage your child to point out key events, characters. Ask them what has happened and what they think will happen next. Talk to children about key features of the book e.g. the sentences and words may rhyme, it may be a book that has repetition. 

We ask that you re-read books with the children, especially their phonic books, this allows your children to feel confident and see themselves as readers (it is ok if they are just reading from memory at this stage!).

Books are changed for the children twice a week. Please always sign your child's reading record to indicate how they have enjoyed a story, or how they have read their phonic book. This information is very important to us.


Speaking and Listening and Topic 

We will also be sending communication and language activities for your child to complete each week. This will support the development of their vocabulary and will be focused upon the topic which we are learning.

During half terms, we will send out an art or D.T. focused project for you to complete with your child.