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Our gallery of learning

Summer Term 1


In DT this term, we have been learning about healthy snacks. We talked about what it means to have a balanced diet, as well as what different foods give us. We spent a few lessons trying different foods, looking at where fruit and vegetables come from and finally making our very own smoothies. We carefully cut up our own fruit and measured out the ingredients. 



In Science,  we have been getting our hands dirty in our Science topic about plants, we have had so much fun planting peas, sunflowers and strawberries. We went outside to look at all of the wild flowers and plants that grow, as well as dissecting a flower and labeling all the different parts.  


Spring Term 2



This term we learnt all about the different types of weather. We predicted what the weather might be in the UK and created our very own weather forecast. We then created a weather show and performed this to the whole class. 



We explored all the different weather types and recreated each one in a creative way. We got to imagine what a cloud might feel like, what it looks like for rain to fall through a cloud, how we can blow air to re-create wind, and what the sun creates when it shines in different directions.




Spring Term 1



Last half term Year 1 took part in a Toy Museum workshop as part of our History topic on Toys. We spent the morning investigating toys through the generations, there were so many! In the afternoon we created our own toys, this included cork boats and spinners. We then became archaeologists digging through the sand, hidden under the sand were marvelous toys.

Autumn Term 2



This term Year 1 has been learning about where in the world we live. We have had lots of fun making and following maps of our classrooms. As well as making messy maps of our local area and trying to make a key. 



This term Year 1 has been learning about animals including humans. The children enjoyed going out to the pond, searching and exploring the area to see what different types of animals they could see. We made a tally chart to keep track, the children said "I feel like a scientist."





Autumn Term 1



Year 1 have enjoyed learning all about their bodies and senses this half term. The children enjoyed our sensory tables lesson where each child was given the opportunity to explore their senses and their uses. The children tasted different types of fruit and were able to discuss if it was sweet or sour. They used their ears to listen to different sounds created by various objects, some children tried to make the sounds loud and quiet. Cotton wool, bark and leaves, rice, and material was placed on a table for the children to feel and guess using touch what they were feeling. The class favourite was when the children had to smell different types of food, to see if they could guess what it was as well as to discuss if it was a good or bad smell. The children used their sight to see each object and understood the importance of our sight as humans. 





Year 1 have been looking at their past and future. The children enjoyed looking at the different things they couldn't do as a baby but what they could do now, and how some things they may have needed support to do but now can do independently. We then looked at the future and discussed what the children would like to do when they are older. We all enjoyed listening to their ideas, such as "go shopping on my own", "drive a car", "decide what food I eat and cook my own dinner".