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East Wickham

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Our gallery of learning

Autumn Term 1


In Reception we have settled into our classrooms and have enjoyed taking part in learning experiences in our Reception garden.  We have particularly enjoyed den building with our new friends!



We started our learning with one of our special books – ‘Here We Are’.  While exploring this book we had lots of discussions about living on planet Earth such as that Earth is made of two parts; land and sea, the things we find beautiful about the world and how to care for our planet and all living things within it.



We have also been learning all about ‘Welcome to My World’ by exploring what makes us so unique and special.  We have been sharing our ideas and experiences with others and what makes us similar and different to others in the world.  We have learnt about our families, different special occasions that are celebrated and the homes we live in, including looking at different types of homes around the world.  We have been learning about our bodies, how we grow and change over time and what humans need to survive and how to stay healthy.  We were able to try some new fruits and make tasty fruit kebabs to eat during our snack time!  We have also learnt about the different emotions we feel, how they make us feel and how these may appear on people through facial expressions and body language.  On Children’s Mental Health Day, we spent the day learning different strategies to have a positive mental wellbeing.  We took part in guided meditation, learned breathing strategies to help us feel calm and went on a wellbeing walk with the children in Year 6.



We have also been learning about the Royal Family too!  We learnt that Queen Elizabeth II was queen in the past, King Charles III is the king now and his son Prince William will be king in the future.  We spoke about the roles the Royal family have and the different types of homes that they live.  We discussed how their family is similar and different to our own such as having grandparents, siblings and the special occasions they celebrate.