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Our gallery of learning

Spring Term 2




Year 6 showed that they already knew a great deal about climate change, and they were able to enrich our class discussions and learning with this knowledge. As part of this topic, they learnt about the different gases that make up greenhouse gases and their effect on our environment, our wildlife and ourselves. The children also produced high quality written pieces using technical vocabulary and sophisticated sentence structures.



During this science topic, the children learnt how to categorise animals and plants according to the Linnaeus system (ask your children to explain!). They particularly enjoyed investigating the conditions required to grow mould, and making observations about its development and structure. 


We're so proud of how hard year 6 have been working. They have all made great progress and continue to amaze us with their determination - keep it up!

Spring Term 1


Year 6's science topic was about light.  They learned about the structure of the eye and about how we see things.  They experimented with torches and mirrors to show how light travels in straight lines and how you can use mirrors to reflect light to a different path.



Autumn Term 2



In our Science topic last half term, Year 6 really enjoyed making and exploring electrical circuits which would enable a lightbulb or buzzer to work. The children learnt the symbols needed for each component, which enabled them to draw a diagram of their circuits and read a diagram in order to predict whether a circuit might work or not.




In Geography last half term, the children improved their mapping skills. They made a model of a ‘contour island’, layering different levels of card which allowed them to see the shape the contours made and how they form a hill.  The main topic focus was Global Trade. The children took part in a trading activity which helped them understand the effects of world events on the price of food. The children were able to apply this to the war in Ukraine and how it has affected our food prices.



Autumn Term 1


In Science, Year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system. We revised the functions of our body's organs and made life size skeletons. We made a model of blood using kitchen ingredients to show the different cells. Children experienced virtual reality headsets to take us on a journey through the heart and lungs. We carried out an experiment to measure the effect of exercise on our heart rate. We also learnt about positive and negative life choices and their impact on our health and maintaining a healthy heart. 



In History, Year 6 went on an exciting trip to the Clink prison museum as part of their history topic of Crime and Punishment. Children were able to spot the key landmarks along the river and remembered the Globe Theatre from their trip in Year 5. In the Clink an actor helped the children to imagine the conditions they would have lived in whilst in prison. Children enjoyed being immersed in this experience.




In art, Year 6 have been working on developing their understanding of tone using a range of graphite pencils.

We studied the work of Paul Cadden who is an amazing hyperrealist.  At first we thought he was a photographer but all his works are pencil drawings.  We enjoyed recreating our own versions of his work.