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Our gallery of learning

Autumn Term 2


Year 5 have had a wonderful second term, which culminated in our fantastic Christmas production, ‘A Midwife Crisis’. We were all so proud of every child’s involvement in the show and we saw so many skills and talents develop, along with the children’s self-confidence too. As well as the brilliant singing and acting talents that we saw, we were also very impressed with the art department team, who designed our beautiful scenery, show programs and tickets.


In our Science lessons, we enjoyed finding out lots about forces this half term. We had the chance to carry out many different experiments and learnt how to plan and carry out a fair test. Through these practical tasks, we developed our knowledge of air resistance, friction and gravity. In addition, we further investigated forces by creating a simple lever and predicting what might happen if we adjusted the placement of mass on each end of the lever.



In Geography, we developed our knowledge about Europe. We learnt new map skills and we found out about physical and natural features. We used maps and atlases to find out about the countries in Europe and compared the different climates and natural resources across the continent.

Autumn Term 1



This term, year 5 has been learning all about lifecycles. To help embed our learning, we completed a wide range of activities which helped us recognise the different features of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. As well as the usual scientific classification and sorting activities, we combined science with literacy to create an information poster, and science with art when drawing life cycle diagrams of specific animals. We also drew and labelled the parts of a fish. To help us better understand pollination and how flowering plants are fertilised, we had a fun and informative lesson where we dissected a flower to identify its individual components.




During our first term, we have had the opportunity to learn about a completely new topic: migration. Migration has been happening for thousands of years so it has been great to learn about this fascinating topic in more detail. We were able to draw on our learning from year 4 (Anglo-Saxons, Romans and Vikings) whilst learning about more current migration due to a variety of push and pull factors. We have enjoyed creating migration fact sheets, timelines and mindmaps. Additionally, we used drama and freeze frames to try to capture the emotions of the immigrants who came to Britain after the first world war.We have also discovered how culturally rich and diverse our school and wider community is. For example, did you know that the first refugee camp in the world was set up on Blackheath common in 1709?



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