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Our gallery of learning

Autumn Term 2


In year 4 we have had a blast learning all about the different states of matter in science! We explored behaviours, characteristics and textures of different materials, investigated how gases diffuse in the air and even acted in role as particles in a solid, liquid and gas!



Geography taught us about our local community and how to navigate the world around us, we looked at London landmarks and how to locate them on a map. In addition, we studied the infamous River Thames and gained knowledge of the features of a river. Did you know that the River Thames is 215 miles long and it starts all the way in Gloucestershire?!



During our Art day last term, we had the opportunity to explore the different painting techniques of Monet and even painted our own version of a Japanese footbridge! After all that learning we finished the term with songs around the tree for all our families to see. It was a great half term, packed with learning and fun. We can’t wait to see what the spring has in store for us. 





Autumn Term 1


In Science this term, we have been looking at the Digestive system, our teeth and food chains. We began by looking at how many teeth we have and their different names. To explain the role of each tooth we all ate a cracker using just the front four teeth. We discovered that this was really difficult and how we needed our back teeth to grind our food before we swallowed it. To learn how the digestive system works, we carried out an experiment using a range of household items. They really enjoyed this experiment and it allowed them to create their own flip books to explain the whole process.

We finally looked at a number of different food chains and food webs. These showed the path of the nutrients from the producer to the different consumers. We created mobiles to evidence this and our knowledge of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores from Year 3 really helped us to decide on the different consumers.



In History this term, we have been studying Ancient Greece. We have located Greece on a world map and as a class located the different city states. This lead on to us discussing the different governments in each state and how Greece were the first people to form a democracy as their chosen government. They took part in a debate and showed great enthusiasm for every topic!

We then moved on to look at some of the Greek jobs that exist today because of Ancient Greece. These included, actors, teachers and builders. The children were very surprised to discover that only men went to school! They interviewed each other to see if they would be suitable for the job.