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Our gallery of learning

Summer 1


In Year 2 we have had great fun during the first part of the Summer term.

In music we have been using instruments to create our own rhythm pattern using a variety of different instruments. We have been thinking about how we can use timbre to make produce different effects.




In History we have enjoyed finding out about famous pirates and learning about the adventures they had. We were keen to find out lots of things about them including how much treasure they stole and why they wanted to become pirates in the first place. We drew pictures of pirates, designed our own pirate ships, created a Pirate Acrostic poem and a wanted poster for our favourite pirate.  



We took part in celebrating King Charles 111’s coronation by holding our own street party. We enjoyed tasting the King’s chosen coronation food, traditional quiche. We also had delicious biscuits, cheese balls and muffins. The street party was so much fun and we all got involved dancing and all had a go at doing the cha cha slide with the teachers and TAs. In preparation for our street party we dressed up in royal costumes and made crowns.




Spring 2


In Year Two this term we have been busy learning about Ernest Shackleton, making moving mechanisms and learning about the habitats of different animals.


In Science, we took part in Science week and carried out investigative experiments including finding out how blubber keeps a polar bear warm in the Arctic, which materials are magnetic and how light reflects off different surfaces.


In Geography we learnt about Antarctica and discovered what it would it have been like to be a polar explorer like Ernest Shackleton. We thought about the advantages and disadvantages of living here and used drama as a way of expressing our thoughts and feelings. For homework, some children even designed and created a boat that could be used to sail to Antarctica!


In Design Technology we explore different types of moving mechanisms including sliders, levers and wheels. Each week we were able to create an example of all these levers and at the end of this topic we designed a poster of Antarctica and included our favourite moving mechanism.


We enjoyed celebrating World Book day and we dressed up in our favourite characters. We also visited Year 4 to meet our book buddy where we were able to read our favourite stories to each other




Spring Term 1


In Year 2 we have been learning how to tell the time. We have practised o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. We have ordered the days of the week and months of the year and enjoyed singing songs to remember the order of them too.


In History we have enjoyed finding out about famous nurses from the Crimean War and WW1. We also found out about why Walter Tull was a heroic figure in WW1 and we wrote letters, fact files, wanted posters and mini books about these people and created lamps just like those carried by Florence Nightingale.


We have been creating information books in our Writing for Pleasure lessons and we thought about what area we were experts in. We then created our own books on this genre and shared them with our peers.


In SCARF we have been thinking about how to stay healthy and clean. This year’s theme in Mental Health Week was Let’s Connect. We took part in lots of different activities including watercolour painting, making rainbows and making portraits using nature.

Autumn Term 2


Year 2 have been really busy during the last half term of Autumn and achieved a great deal of learning during this time.

In Geography, the children had great fun creating messy maps of the school building as well as finding out about the continents of the world and the differences between a village, a town and a city. The children also investigated how to use a compass and they went outside to see if they could find North.



In Science, the children were given the opportunity to explore the properties of everyday materials and their functions. They enjoyed carrying out investigations and were able to use fair testing to work out the most suitable material that should be used to make an umbrella.











In Computing the children had great fun using the i-pads to take pictures and were asked to review what makes a good photograph and the protocol needed when taking pictures of others.

Autumn 1


Year 2 have had a wonderful half term learning about important queens through history. To celebrate the end of the topic they enjoyed a spectacular, royal tea party!


They have enjoyed learning about different lifecycles including ladybirds, frogs and human lifecycles.


They have created some magnificent art work inspired by Andy Warhol. They used a printing technique to repeat their image of a crown in different colours.


They have been keen gardeners. First, they prepared the soil and pulled out the weeds. Next, all of the children planted a bulb. They are looking forward to seeing them bloom in Spring!


We have also learnt about the celebration of Diwali. We made lanterns to celebrate the festival of light.