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Our gallery of learning

Autumn Term 2


Year 2 have been really busy during the last half term of Autumn and achieved a great deal of learning during this time.

In Geography, the children had great fun creating messy maps of the school building as well as finding out about the continents of the world and the differences between a village, a town and a city. The children also investigated how to use a compass and they went outside to see if they could find North.



In Science, the children were given the opportunity to explore the properties of everyday materials and their functions. They enjoyed carrying out investigations and were able to use fair testing to work out the most suitable material that should be used to make an umbrella.











In Computing the children had great fun using the i-pads to take pictures and were asked to review what makes a good photograph and the protocol needed when taking pictures of others.

Autumn Term 1

Year 2 have had a wonderful half term learning about important queens through history. To celebrate the end of the topic they enjoyed a spectacular, royal tea party!


They have enjoyed learning about different lifecycles including ladybirds, frogs and human lifecycles.


They have created some magnificent art work inspired by Andy Warhol. They used a printing technique to repeat their image of a crown in different colours.


They have been keen gardeners. First, they prepared the soil and pulled out the weeds. Next, all of the children planted a bulb. They are looking forward to seeing them bloom in Spring!


We have also learnt about the celebration of Diwali. We made lanterns to celebrate the festival of light.