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020 8854 3637

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East Wickham

Primary Academy,

Wickham Street,

Welling, DA16 3BP

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East Wickham

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Nursery Routines

Routines section: 


The Nursery children are welcomed into the classroom at 9am.





They are encouraged to independently put away their book bags  and hang up their coats. The children are supported to self-register by selecting their name card and placing it into the class tin. When everybody is inside we have the whole class 'Good Morning' time (registration). 




The children then have choosing time inside the classroom where they are able to explore the different learning zones, and engage with both adult-led and child initiated activities.





During the morning the children are supported to participate in class carpet sessions which will include: singing, topic based discussions, Maths learning and the introduction of Phonics.



Mid-morning we have group snack time with a different piece of fruit each day and a healthy drink of milk or water.  





We are lucky to have a large Nursery garden at East Wickham. The children have choosing time in our outdoor classroom each day and are able to explore the outdoor learning zones.




We end each session with a shared story and celebration of the morning achievements, before singing our ‘Goodbye Song’.