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TKAT GAMES - Tuesday 21st May 2019

Congratulations to our amazing EWPA TKAT Games Team for another fantastic year at the Academy Games at Lee Valley Athletics Park.

A large number of primary and secondary schools come together to take part in many track and field events across the day.

Our children – as always – were impeccably behaved and demonstrated outstanding team spirit and sportsmanship. We are definitely the winners at cheering each other on!

We won many gold, silver and bronze medals across the Relay, 100m, speed bounce, vertical jump, javelin and chest push. All of the children that took part gave it their best shot and all deserved to win.  

We are immensely proud of our children when we take them offsite – they are a real credit and really enjoy being part of our EWPA team. Other Trust staff and senior Directors always commend us for our participation and for making the most of such a fun and enjoyable event.


The Winners – 14 in total – the most so far…

Year 5 Relay Team – GOLD                        Alexi, Daniel, Diego, Lewis

Year 6 Relay Team – BRONZE                   David, Faith, Mia, Timmy

100m Y6 Boys – GOLD                              David

Chest Push – BRONZE                              Summer

Vertical jump – GOLD and SILVER           Richard, Lewis

Javelin – SILVER                                       George

Speed Bounce – SILVER                           Keira


A huge thank you to all our staff who accompanied us

We won the TKAT games in 2016, came second in 2017 and 2018 – we have to just wait now to see where we have come in 2019… fingers crossed JJJ