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Rising Covid Cases In Welling

As you can see from the table below, the East Wickham area has the 5th highest rate of Covid in the whole of Bexley, and Bexley is second in the London league table of cases. Our local Public Health Department feels that this is being transmitted by poor social distancing and people not following the stay at home rules.

As a consequence we are taking extra measures to protect both our children and our staff. We have already had to close three year group ‘bubbles’ due to local cases and we are desperate to stay open as much as possible.

Masks must be worn on both playgrounds.

The benches on the playgrounds are now out of bounds to avoid proximity between parents.

Children from KS1 may not play on the KS2 playground as they are crossing bubbles. Please keep your child/ren beside you.

Please remember to use the year group entry gates, drop your children off and go home quickly, PLEASE do not stand chatting outside school which causes congestion on the paths.

Whilst this might all sound very dictatorial, we are just trying to protect you, our children, our staff and STAY OPEN. Please help us out in this and stay safe.

Kind regards

Mrs Manzi