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KS2 Science Fair

This year I was extremely impressed by the number of high quality projects that were entered in the science fair. The children were really able to talk about all the science they had learned. We had everything from slime to volcanoes to rainbow water and even some higher level mathematics to calculate viscosity.


Here are the winners this year:


1st Place:
Biological/Environmental - Anushreea & Julia (Year 5) Plants
Chemistry - Libby (Year 5) Slime
Physics/Technology - Kiyan (Year 6) Viscosity


2nd Place:
Biological/Environmental - Yeliz & Tryphena (Year 6) Colour Changing Water – using pH
Chemistry - Mia & Ruby (Year 5) Density – Rainbow Water
Physics/Technology - Cory (Year 6) & Faith (Y5) Electricity


3rd Place:
Biological/Environmental - Kylan & Brandon (Year 5) Tornado in a jar
Chemistry - Jake (Year 4) Bath Bombs
Physics/Technology - Sanskriti (Year 6) Boiling and Freezing of water


4th Place:
Biological/Environmental - Lenny & Ebenezer (Year 5) Think before you drink


Well done to everyone!
Mrs Causarano