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Good Morning from ASG,


I am writing to give a little feedback regarding the Gymnastics classes that have been running this term at East Wickham.


Paige, who has been coaching there so far this term at East Wickham has passed on to me that the children have all been working hard on their sessions this term.

The children in the sessions have learnt and improved a number of different skills including, forward rolls, backward rolls, bunny hops, handstands, squat on and straddle on to table tops. 


Paige is impressed by their ability & what they remember from previous term/terms and each week and the children are a pleasure to teach. Paige would like to thank East Wickham for always making her feel welcomed and she looks forward to coaching at East Wickham each week.


They have used all of the equipment available, which they love, such as benches, mats, table tops. Further skills that they will be working on include different types of balances, jumps, different rolls, different types of jumps, cartwheels, round off, flexibility exercises for splits.


The children are a pleasure to teach according to Paige, and she looks forward to teaching them for the rest of this term.  Paige is ever grateful and would like to thank East Wickham for making her part of the team and always being so welcoming and she looks forward to every week teaching there.