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East Wickham Primary Academy are proud partners of Mathematics Mastery.



Learning maths is like building a tower. Children must have a firm foundation and gain specific building blocks in a certain order. If any of the blocks of understanding are mission, then the tower becomes unstable and can fall down at anytime when new challenges or learning are presented.


At EWPA we are pleased to be working in partnership with Maths Mastery.

Maths Mastery is an engaging and accessible style of mathematics teaching. It enhances the mathematical understanding, enjoyment and achievement for every child.

The program brings together established ideas and methods of maths teaching into one approach. Children are focused on securing basic skills, ensuring that they have a deep understanding of what they are learning and how they can apply these skills to solving problems.  In maths mastery children are not rushed through the curriculum, knowledge is not superficially gained, instead time is taken to embed the skills and knowledge ensuring that firm building blocks are in place.

In lessons huge emphasis is on children thinking mathematically. Children engage in problem solving activities, learning and using skills such as reasoning, conjecturing, generalising and working systematically.


The children in R2 have been exploring the shape of the numicon pieces in the Maths area.

Year 5

Year 5 have been working hard to measure angles using a protractor.


Year 6

Year 6 have been comparing numbers (including negative numbers) using the 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equals' symbols. Here are Miss Power's maths group using their hands to make the symbols to warm up for today's hot task. Just now, they all vastly improved their scores from last week's cold task, showing how hard they have been working since then. Well done!

Maths Board Games - Year 3

The Year 3  children enjoyed playing the Maths board games that Year 6 had created for them. Year 6 thought carefully about the challenges and questions they gave the Year 3 children.  They all had fun seeing who could win and look forward to doing it again next week! 


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