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CLT Meetings

Wednesday 5th October 2022

First Meeting of the Academic Year

Introductions made - all of the children introduced themselves and stated their reasons for wanting to be part of the CLT. 

Mrs Moore and Mrs Whiley shared the 4 priorities of the school. They then asked the team to think about what we already do well and what we could do better under these 4 areas.

We shared our thoughts and ideas and started to write a CLT School Development plan. This will set the work that we are going to do over the year.

We are looking forward to continuing this in our next meeting.


Wednesday 25th January 2023

We met today to plan how the CLT would support one of the school development targets around reading. We shared ideas about the support that the CLT could give to ensure that children were able to practise reading to improve their skills along with developing a love of reading.

Many ideas were shared, the group decided that they were going to work with the English Leads - Miss Woods and Mrs Payton, to write a questionnaire for children to complete. The purpose of the questionnaire is to find out what children think about the books that are in their book corners and the library, and if they think that there could be more variety, genres and authors. They will be making this to give to children over the half term.

In addition to this, they also agreed that a Reading Buddy Club would be an excellent way to support the younger children with their reading. They decided that they would write to the teachers in Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y3 and ask them to select children who would benefit from having a reading buddy. They will use lunchtimes to go and support those children with their reading. This will done on a rota so that children still get the chance to play with their own friends at lunchtime.

The CLT also decided that they were going to make some inspirational posters to encourage children to read widely and practise their reading as often as possible. These will be displayed around the school.

Finally, the Head Children were asked to plan for a video for the website, to inform the wider community about why a parent should pick East Wickham as their child's school.

The CLT were all incredibly enthusiastic and had many ideas to share.

Mrs Whiley and Mrs Moore are looking forward to the next meeting.

Please see below for the CLT's reading plan