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Autumn Term 1

Year 3 enjoyed sharing our whole school text 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers.





Autumn term 1


Wow, what a busy half term Year 3 have had! Lots of learning has taken place and as ever, we have had lots of fun in the process!

In Science, we looked at Skeletons & Nutrition.  We had a brilliant lesson where we worked in teams to put together a human skeleton correctly! We also learnt about all the different types of skeleton, how muscles work and the importance of a balanced diet.

In History, we learned all about Dinosaurs, fossils and the pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning. This unit was such fun (who doesn’t love learning about the T-Rex?!) and we created dinosaur fact files and wanted posters, as well as transforming ourselves in to Mary Anning herself and writing a diary entry from her point of view.

Art brought us the opportunity to learn about the importance of shading when drawing objects and the ability to make them ‘pop’ out of the page. We studied the many different shading techniques and used them to draw our own realistic fossil pictures! We are always looking for ways to connect to our other subjects in the curriculum.

In Computing we have been developing our understanding of digital devices, with an initial focus on inputs, processes, and outputs. We then compared digital and non-digital devices. Then the children were introduced to computer networks, including devices that make up a network’s infrastructure, such as wireless access points and switches. We enjoyed roleplaying these parts of the computing network in our classes.

We can’t wait to create stop-animations next half term and we will look forward to sharing these with you!

This term also saw our Times Tables Rock Stars launch day! We all dressed up as rock stars for the day (even the teachers!) and each class enjoyed a TTRS ‘battle’ with their teachers! Some children managed to beat their teachers, much to their delight!

We also focused on the importance of our mental health, with Mental Health Awareness Week. The children had the chance for lots of activities with the theme of togetherness and belonging, nature walks and games with children in other year groups. This really helped us all to remember to look after ourselves and others.