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East Wickham

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EWPA TKAT Attendance Policy

Why Attendance Matters at East Wickham Primary Academy?

Good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at East Wickham Primary Academy. They help to establish positive life habits necessary for future success. Regular attendance encourages children to build friendships and develop social groups, work together as a whole team, share ideas and develop life skills. Children's social skills are similarly enhanced by regular attendance. Non-attendees will also inevitably not only miss out on essential learning, but also other social events taking place such as school plays and performances.

The school has a positive and proactive ethos that places high value on attendance and punctuality.  In addition, it values its partnership with parents/carers to promote good attendance and advocates close working with the local authority. It is these partnerships that aim to provide a cohesive approach to tackling attendance within East Wickham Primary Academy ensuring that every child matters.


Registers close at 9.10 for EYFS and KS1, and 9.05 for KS2.

After this time all children should report to the school offices to be signed in. If your child has a medical appointment, please can you notify the attendance officer and then sign your child in when returning back to school. The attendance officer will always make a phone call home if the parents have not contacted the school.


Last year the total of lateness across the school resulted in 126 days lost of teaching.


Parents can either contact the attendance officer by pressing 1 on the options on the phone or by email



If your child cannot attend school, parents are required to contact the school and leave a message on the school absence line by 8.45am or email We require you to call every day of your child’s absence. If we do not receive a reason for your child’s absence then we will try and contact you to find out why your child is not in school.


Holidays in Term Time

The law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. Any application for leave must now only be in exceptional circumstances and the Head Teacher must be satisfied that the circumstances are exceptional and warrant the granting of leave. Head teachers are not expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional, indeed parents can now be fined by the Local Authority for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from school.

We expect that all pupils will:

  •  Attend school;
  •  Arrive and leave school punctually;
  •  Attend school appropriately prepared for the day


Every week, we will celebrate good attendance and post weekly statistics to the school website.

You can find our Attendance Policy on the Policies Page.

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