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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


We are looking forward to an exciting and progress filled year with your children. This is an especially important year while we work with your children to achieve the levels required to enter year 6 and secondary school. We hope you enjoy seeing some of the things that your child has done.

Miss McDonald Mrs Causarano Mrs Endersby
Year 5 Teacher Year 5 Teacher - Head of Year Year 5 Teacher


Year 5 Trip to Buckingham Palace

Year 5 have had a wonderful opportunity this year, they have gotten the chance to go to Buckingham Palace and see the staterooms inside. By Friday 29 September, 2017, all three classes will have visited, gotten a tour and had the chance to work with an author on their writing. Here are some photos of their wonderful work, their trip to London and the palace. We even got to see the changing of the guards.


We are not there YET! This is our growth mindset for this school year, there are things that we are learning, things that we can do and can't do yet. In year 5 we know that if we can't do something yet, that we work towards learning how or understanding. Here are some of the things that we are working to be able to do soon!

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In Year 5, we are learning about

different forces such as gravity,

air resistance and magnetic forces.

We are investigating how we use them in our lives.


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Europa Town at Bexley Grammar School

What a fantastic experience the Year 5 classes had visiting Europa Town at Bexley Grammar School last week.
On the arrival the children filled in passports in Spanish. Then, they successfully went through the passport control after answering questions in Spanish. After that, they were free to visit any stall: the fruit and veg shop, the clothes shop, the post office and more. As long as they asked for what they wanted in Spanish, they could ‘buy’ anything. They used the ‘Europa Town credit cards’ to pay for their shopping. Many children brought some of their own pocket money to spend on real ice cream and juice in the café. After exploring Europa town, the children sat in small groups for puppet show of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ in Spanish. Mrs Ermis



This year we are excited that we have the sports coaches coming in and it is especially important that your child be prepared with their PE kit to make the most of this opportunity. Children are expected to have: black plimsolls, white tshirt, black/grey shorts and jogging bottoms and sweat shirt, as they will be going outside when dry.

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