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This Summer term, we are learning about different habitats. We will be looking at the difference between living and non-living. We will be identifying what living things live in different habitats around the world and also be describing how animals obtain food from plants and other animals using the idea of simple food-chains. 

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Great Fire of London!

Today, (Tuesday 19th September 2017) Year 2 made 3D models of the streets around Pudding Lane using cardboard boxes and card. We then placed all our models in the playground and watched as Mrs Whiley started the fire in Thomas Farynor's Bakery to re-create the Great Fire of London which started 2nd September 1666. Our fire spread quickly to the other houses, just as how it happened in 1666. It was a great learning experience enjoyed by all of Year 2. Mrs Lewis, Miss Laurance and Miss Adams.

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