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Success For All

Success For All (SFA) is a programme for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening from Nursery to Year 6. It initially lays strong foundations in both oracy and literacy starting with Nursery and Reception pupils moving on to provide systematic teaching throughout the primary years (1-6). The programme is based on research and has been proven to raise standards in reading and writing.

SFA provides a wide range of opportunities for children to explore and develop phonic knowledge and comprehension strategies, develop vocabulary and spelling, improve grammatical awareness, analyse whole texts and develop writing in a wide range of genres.



  • Pupils are assessed on their reading comprehension.
  • Pupils are grouped according to their reading ability.
  • Pupils are taught in ability groups across the school.
  • Pupils are assessed approximately every eight weeks and re-grouped if necessary.
  • In Nursery and Reception the Curiosity and Kinder Corner programme runs throughout the day.
  • Pupils in Year 1 – 2 have a 90 minute SFA literacy lesson They work in Roots or Wings groups. Roots groups focus on letters sounds, spelling, reading and writing. Wings groups focus on reading comprehension, application of skills and extended writing.
  • Pupils in Year 3 – 6 have a 90 minute SFA lesson five days a week focusing on reading comprehensions, application of skills and extended writing.