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In 2005 the Government introduced Planning, Preparation and Assessment time for primary school teachers. The intention was to reduce the’ drift’ out of the profession of teachers. At the time 40% of new teachers gave up teaching within three years due to having no free time around their job. This measure was introduced to relieve some of the existing workload pressures on teachers. All teachers with a teaching timetable are entitled to PPA time. PPA time must be no less than 10% of the teacher’s timetabled teaching time and can only be provided in units of not less than 30 minutes. If a teacher has 25 hours of timetabled teaching time they must receive 2.5 hours of PPA time per week. A teacher cannot be required to carry out any other duties during their PPA time, including covering for absent colleagues.


Who arranges PPA time?


It is the responsibility of the Head Teacher to ensure that PPA time is planned for and included on our individual teachers’ timetables. At East Wickham Primary Academy we release year group teachers together for either a whole morning or afternoon each week. This enables staff to work together to plan units of work for the following week and to arrange year group themed work, projects, trips etc.


How do we cover PPA time?

We use a combination of our own part time teachers, Learning Mentors and Higher Level Teaching Assistants to release teachers. We schedule the same session every week for each year group release so that children know when their teacher is working on planning. The children undertake a combination of Spanish, Sports, RE or PSHE skills during these sessions. If you have any questions about PPA time, please make an appointment via the school office so that we can further explain this paper.


Mrs S Manzi

Head teacher