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Physical Education

Physical education at EWPA is of key importance to us. Children who are physically active and eat a balanced and healthy diet will have higher levels of energy. This will allow them to engage in and enjoy their learning. It helps them to feel healthy and supports them in developing their motor skills.

Our aim is to develop healthy lifestyles and increase our children’s physical fitness through our curriculum. This includes outdoor sports, gymnastics and developing skills which allow children to work as part of a team. Our staff work hard to ensure that P.E. lessons and physical activity develop inter-personal skills such as resilience, confidence and sportsmanship.


This year we are working collaboratively with Teach School Sports to ensure that our children are given a physical education that is challenging and develops their skills. Children are able to take part in both lunch time and after school clubs which include a variety of sports such as football, breakfast gymnastics and multi sports.


Involvement in competitive sports is imperative in developing skills that help children to participate in sports throughout their lives. Through our work with Teach School Sports, we are focussing on developing access to competitive sports across the school. This currently includes a boys and girls football team and raising the amount of tournaments that we participate in against schools across the borough. Each year, our Year 5 and 6 children are able to take part in the TKAT Games. This includes a range of field and track events against other schools in the academy.