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Our Curriculum

Caring - Supporting - Achieving


We aim to ensure that all pupils experience high quality and purposeful teaching and learning - encouraging and enabling all pupils to achieve their potential.

This includes:

  • delivery of the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum within a school curriculum which incorporates balance, breadth, challenge, coherence, relevance, equal opportunity, differentiation, continuity and progression.
  • the use of a range of teaching and learning strategies, technologies and resources.
  • development of investigative and independent skills and positive attitudes to learning with challenge and targets.
  • the promotion of high standards, success, excellence and enjoyment in all aspects and at all levels of learning.

We aim to develop a school which relates to and respects the immediate environment, the wider community and the world beyond.
  • developing an appreciation of past achievement and an understanding of the present world in preparation for life in the 21st century.
  • maintaining a school environment which is welcoming, stimulating, well-ordered, tidy, clean and safe.
  • developing a shared sense of respect and responsibility for all that belongs to our school and towards the people who work within it.
  • involvement of governors, parents, the local community and relevant outside agencies in the work of our school.
  • developing responsibility for one’s own actions, and to have awareness, appreciation and respect regarding cultural, religious and moral values of others.
  • encouraging and developing informed, independent decision-making in matters relating to the environment as well as to health, morality, belief and spirituality.


East Wickham Primary School Curriculum

At EWPA we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to develop a lifelong love of learning; promotes the willingness to question and explore whilst developing resilience and the confidence to take risks in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Our curriculum is based upon the Early Foundation Stage and National Curriculum Framework. We provide a wide and varied learning experience from the Nursery through to year 6, which is enriched through creative contexts and our values based learning community.


EWPA Curriculum enables all children to become:

·         Successful lifelong learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve

·         Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

·         Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society


EWPA Curriculum is developed around a values based learning community which:

·         Promotes personal development;

·         Support equality of opportunity;

·         Develops spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical growth;

·         Celebrates the contributions of a diverse range of people, cultures and heritages;

·         Develops an understanding of the world and environment in which we live and promotes the need to care and protect it.


The curriculum at EWPA will:

·         Promote high standards across the curriculum particularly in English, Maths, Science and ICT

·         Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all children

·         Instil a positive disposition to learning and develop a commitment to learn

·         Equip children with essential knowledge, skills and understanding

·         Prepare children for the next phase of their education and their future careers

·         Widen children’s horizons and raise aspirations about future learning, education and career opportunities.

·         Make children aware of, and engaged with their local, national and international communities

·         Help children recognise that personal development is essential to well-being and success

Curriculum Framework Map

The curriculum framework map shows the different units of learning for each year group from Nursery through to Year 6. The themes and topics have been chosen to inspire and motivate children, allow them to make connections in their learning and ensure a clear progression of knowledge, content and skills.

Whole school projects

At EWPA we are committed to whole school projects which inspire learning and show progression across the school, with a particular emphasis on creative writing. These are 2 whole school projects: a whole school text and a whole school art theme. Each of these projects provides a context for teaching and learning.

In addition to the whole school text and art theme we also have planned themed learning days and weeks:


Autumn 1

Journey – Whole school text

Spring 1

Summer 1



Autumn 2

Spring 2

Book Week

(World book day)

Summer 2

Sports Week

Whole school Art



Unit of Learning


PE, music and computing provide an overview of the National Curriculum attainment targets and make reference to other documents which provide clear skills progression for each year group. Year group teams are able to organise their own coverage of these skills across the different units of learning
At EWPA we believe that children learn best through enquiry based themes and topics where learning is engaged, relevant and meaningful. Units of learning have been created to map out the knowledge and skills from different curriculum areas which form the basis of that unit’s learning.


RE teaching is taken from the Agreed Bexley Syllabus, where possible these units are incorporated into the overall theme.


English and Maths have not been included on the unit planners, although creative writing and writing genres to be taught across each year group is indicated.

The National Curriculum attainment targets for all aspects of Maths and English are provided separately. It is expected that the skills and understanding in English and Maths where appropriate will be developed and taught through the other subject areas as part of the unit of learning.

The school uses the letters and sounds programme and Read, Write, Inc. resources to deliver phonics teaching across the school. We do not follow a specific reading scheme across the school, we use a wide variety of texts and use book banding to level them.


Central Ideas – Each unit of learning is built around a central idea and is what the learning is based upon. It provides the connections between the different subjects which make up the unit.


Guiding Questions - These are developed to focus the learning for each unit. All teaching and learning is designed to answer the guiding questions, giving the learning context, meaning and purpose. These questions should be displayed and referred to during the teaching and learning.

PSHE and Values Curriculum

Our 'PSHE and Values Curriculum' document contains further details about the values and life skills we promote at East Wickham Primary Academy.

IT Equipment and Resources

We have a wide range of IT equipment and resources available in each classroom and throughout the school. Each classroom has it's own Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB), HD Visualiser and laptops. Every KS2 classroom has 2 shared computers. We also have iPads that are available for classes to use and both teachers and our pupils can demonstrate and project work on to the class IWB.

KS1 Curriculum Meeting 19th September 2016

The PowerPoint presentation shown during the KS1 curriculum meeting can be accessed here.

Useful Resources to Support Pupil Learning


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