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School App Ready for Download!

Parent’s Guide for Installing Our School App

Step 1
Open the app store on your device and search for and download the ‘Primarysite’ app.

Step 2
Open the app. When the app is opened for the first time, it will show the initial setup screen.
Please ensure that you allow the app to send you notifications as this will allow us to send you relevant and upto-
date information. You can switch off the notifications at any time using Settings within your device.

Step 3
You will now need to find East Wickham Primary Academy. You can either type the name of the school or click the
‘Find schools near me’. Once you’ve found the school, please select it from the list as shown below.

Step 4
Once you’ve found and selected East Wickham Primary Academy,
you will see the following screen. Select “Yes, select this school”.
Please ensure that you ALLOW
You are automatically subscribed to ‘East Wickham Primary Academy’ group.

Step 5
Congratulations, the initial setup is now complete.
The next time you open the app you will be taken straight to the school app.



Subscribing to Notification Groups

At East Wickham Primary Academy, we have several notification groups that you can subscribe to.
You will be automatically subscribed to the East Wickham Primary Academy group where we will send out relevant information relating to the whole school. This will not replace any other means of communication the school has with you.
You will be able to choose which other groups you wish to belong to and receive relevant messages for that group.