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East Wickham Primary Academy are proud partners of Mathematics Mastery.


Mathematics Mastery is a program that the school has taken on in order to link with the new curriculum and focus on broadening and deepening children’s maths knowledge.

The program focuses on securing basic skills, ensuring that children have a deep understanding of what they are learning and importantly, how they can apply it.

In regards to what that will look like for your children;

  • Children will not cover as many topics- what they do cover will be done in greater depth
  • Acquiring number sense and place value knowledge is the biggest priority
  • Problem solving is central- children will learn new skills and apply them in a variety of situations.
  • High expectations will be in place leading to ‘Mastery’  for ALL pupils


We are very excited about this new journey for maths. It gives us the opportunity to teach the children secure number skills and extend their knowledge so they are confident to apply their maths expertise.

Please access the link to Mathematics Mastery website if you require more evidence or come in and speak to me for more information.


Mrs C. Daly

Maths lead


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