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Forest School

Forest School is an amazing, fun experience for children and adults. It is a long term program, allowing the participants the freedom to learn in an outdoor environment, using mainly natural materials as well as learning to use tools, ropes and tarps. It allows participants to develop many skills, self confidence, emotional awareness, social skills, creativity, communication, physical and to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world. Participants love to take ownership of the area and they learn to organise themselves and others, often displaying leadership skills. They will see and learn about nature and the changing seasons through the ever changing environment. This helps to develop observational skills and will also teach them how to care for the environment while experiencing the beauty of nature. Forest school can also reinforce learning from the classroom, for example subjects that are being learned in the classroom can be seen for real in the outdoor setting. Forest school leaders will nurture and allow child led learning, facilitating rather than teaching and providing opportunities and encouragement for children to learn through play and exploration

Forest School

R2 had a fantastic time at Forest School yesterday (Thursday 8th February 2018). We had a wonderful time creating nests for the birds and digging for eggs in the mud! We played games such as 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' and used the crayons to do bark rubbing. We can't wait to go back after half term! Miss Evans



Forest School Timetable

TUESDAY             R1 (afternoon)

WEDNESDAY       Nursery (morning) R2 (afternoon)

THURSDAY           R3 (afternoon)