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In Science, Year 6 have been looking at classifying living and non-living things into different categories according to their visible characteristics. The children have looked at how famous taxonomists Aristole and Linneaus have grouped things in the past. Here is our display based on Aristole's Ladder of Life.  


Here are some responses from our some of our Year 6 children about what they think of their school:
"In writing I like that there's endless possibilities of what you can write about. I enjoy writing because you can use different types of it like descriptive language etc. My favourite genre is fantasy because anything can happen." - Morgan
Below are two examples of Year 6 writing work:
Year 6 Work 1
Year 6 Work 2
Here is a Year 6 student giving a Literacy Speech to a Year 3 Class
Below are a couple of displays up in Year 6 Classrooms.
year 6
Each classroom has it's own book corner:
Letter from Mr Thompson, Head of Year 6
Dear Year 6 Students,
As you all are well aware the SATs are rapidly approaching! Firstly, I want to thank you and your parents for all of the hard work you have put in over the past school year and apologise for my, crazy and yes I admit sometimes intense approach in pushing you to achieve all that you can...I promise, it is only because I care a huge amount!
Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to have a little chat with you about these tests. The people who wrote these tests don’t know you. They don’t know how unique you are. They don’t know how you could paint a picture. They don’t know how you could sing a song, or create a tune. In fact, they have no idea how fabulous each and every one of you really are. They don’t know how you have ‘been there’ for your friends at the most difficult times. They can’t see how incredible your personalities are, or how your sense of humour makes people smile and laugh everyday. 
But don’t worry about these test people...I know. I know each and every one of you, sometimes better than you know yourselves! You ARE amazing, you ARE incredible. Even though these tests will tell us something about you...it doesn’t tell us everything! You must remember there are other ways to achieve greatness and, in my eyes, you have already achieved this.
Thank you for being great. Thank you for making me smile every day, even when I didn’t feel like it!
Thank you for making me laugh until my stomach hurt. Thank you...for being YOU! Keep working hard and let’s show everyone your amazing abilities.
Yours Sincerely
Mr Thompson
Head of Year

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