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Year 4 has been studying Habitats this half term, learning about different habitats, what lives in them, how they are affected by changes and what we as humans do to change habitats. On our corridor display we have samples of wonderful stories that children have written and habitat art which was done by all three classes.

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This school year, year 4 will be taking part in physical education on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Children are required to have proper PE kit for them to use on these days. This includes black shorts or trousers (colder weather), white shirt and plimsolls.  

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In science we have been learning about habitats and the changes on our environment. We have started to learn how to write a scientific report. Our investigation this half term has been about germs and how they affect our health and our environment. Here is the beginning of our bread germ experiment. Stay tuned to find out how it goes.


Below are a couple of displays up in Year 4 Classrooms.

DSC04722 DSC04719 DSC04721

Quotes for some of our Year 4 Children

"In year 4 I like our maths meetings because we can all do it together" - Darci 4C

"In year 4 I like the homework we do. We can do models and it makes me feel creative!" Mason 4C

"I like maths in year 4 because it's harder." Keeley 4C

"I like what we do in year 4, I like what we do in PE because we play regular games. I like our warm fuzzies because we can do extra science when we get them all." Joey 4C


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