TKAT Games 2017


TKAT Games 2017 – Allianz Park, Hendon

Last year our school was the overall winner of the TKAT games for the 26 primary schools. We were incredibly proud of this.

This year we took our children to the Allianz Park in Hendon on one of the hottest days of the year so far.  The children took part in track and field events and lots more medals were won across the day. Several children came close to medals but lost out at the final throw or race. Several of our children learnt a dance during the day which they performed brilliantly.

Our children’s attitude and behaviour were outstanding and all the staff were incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

An enormous THANK YOU to all of our staff and children – the event was huge fun and we look forward to finding out the results and if we were the overall winners again for a second year – the children certainly deserve to be.




George Colegate -100m                Saskia Barnes – 100m

Nkechi Ekwekwu – Vertical jump



Jasmeer Sandhu – Standing long jump

Sophie Mendham – Speed bounce

Harry Hawley, Pavraj Dass, Deborah Akrasi, Covenant Adegboyega – Y5 relay

Tobi Oduntan, Ryan Oliver, Anna Adepoju, Mollie Bishop – Y6 relay



Harrison Wilmot – Javelin