Sports Days

Dear Parents,

We are perpetually challenged by the weather for our sports days and (unusually) this year it is heat not rain!

We have enough shade to hold the Early Years Sports this morning but we will make a decision on a day to day basis about the KS1 / Lower KS2 / Upper KS2 sports events.

If the heat doesn’t break by Thursday then it is very unlikely that we will have the Y5/6 event this week as their events are in an afternoon slot.

Please ensure that you have updated us with your current mobile number as we will text in the event of cancellation.

(If you are a Y6 parent – whose child went to the TKAT games - and you didn’t get the texts yesterday – then we do not have your latest number.)

We are doing everything possible to keep the children cool in school – we have lots of fans and we have significantly reduced playtimes and lunchtimes, we are also encouraging the children to drink as often as possible.

Hopefully, the extreme heat will only be here this week and then we can return to a ‘normal’ summer !

Kind regards,

Mrs S Manzi