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KS1 Science Day - Tuesday 21st March 2017


These were some of the reactions by the KS1 children on their Science day, Tuesday 21 March. It was a great day, assisted by year 4 and 5 students. The children got to come with their class, see the great projects their classmates created and experience some new science. They got to build spaghetti bridges, blow up balloons with vinegar and baking soda, play a classification game, learn how to do some coding on the iPads and play with oobleck! Everyone had a great time and it was so exciting to see the science being learned.

DSC00759 DSC00755 DSC00750 DSC00542 DSC00537 DSC00536  DSC00533 DSC00641 DSC00581 DSC00745 DSC00716 DSC00576DSC00583 DSC00534

KS1 "Story in a Box" Competition - Thursday 16th March 2017

Congratulations to Ruby-Rose from 1M who was the winner of our KS1 "Story in a Box" competition!

Ruby-Rose Lang

KS2 Year 3 Ancient Egypt Day - Thursday 16th March 2017

Year 3's Ancient Egypt day was a huge success. Thank you to those that helped and the children all looked fabulous in their costumes. Here are some pictures from throughout the day. Mrs O'Neill

DSC02289 DSC02286 DSC02284 DSC02283 DSC02279 DSC02274 DSC02272 DSC02265 DSC02257 DSC02258 DSC02262

KS2 Science Fair - Tuesday 14th March 2017

The KS2 Science Fair was amazing this year! We had 31 projects registered and over 40 children participate, sharing their knowledge across biological, environmental, chemical and physical sciences. The children were able to speak about their project and the science they had learned, using impressive vocabulary. All the teachers were very proud of the work they saw and the other children were amazed as they came to visit in the afternoon.

Great work everyone, I look forward to even more amazing projects next year!

DSC05410 DSC05408 DSC05406

DSC00457 DSC00454 DSC00450

DSC00451 DSC00431 DSC00445


3K Science - Monday 13th March 2017

3K have being thinking about plants and how they grow. They had the opportunity to try a pepper raw and cooked as well as talking about all the meals that could made using peppers and tomatoes. They then cut open a pepper and planted the seed as well as some tomato seeds. They were also excited to place the seeds in the new greenhouse and are looking forward to caring for the seeds and growing their very own pepper and tomato plants. Mrs Kesto


DSC00208 DSC00204 DSC00198 DSC00197

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

DSC00371 DSC00368 DSC00252DSC00249 DSC00246 DSC00243 DSC00241 DSC00240 DSC00239 DSC00232 DSC00228 DSC00235

Year 4 - The Tudors

'In 4K, we have just started to learn about The Tudors. Last week we had our Tudors day and my students seem to be very excited about learning all about Tudors. Today in the afternoon we spent our time creating Facebook profiles. Not just any Facebook profile, but for the six different wives of Henry VIII. Yesterday we spent our time in ICT researching the six different wives and coming up with good information that we could add to our profiles, that could be written in chronological order! Next class, we will have a gallery walk so that we all learn about each wife and how they were apart of Henry VII life!' - Miss Klomp

DSC00918 DSC00914 DSC00912 DSC00910 DSC00909 DSC00906

Year 4 Roman Day

Year 4 had a blast during their Roman day. There were brilliant costumes, many Roman gladiators, gods and goddesses! We learned more about the Romans, sang songs about the Romans and read some stories about the creation of Rome. Everyone had a great time!

"I liked it when we did the competition of the best Roman costume because it was an intense competition." - Samuel 4C

"I like everything, because it was fun and we have never done it before!" - Ellie 4C

DSC05098 DSC05084 DSC05069 DSC05077


PCSO Mahoney - Year 5 and 6 Talk - 5th December 2016

Thank you to PCSO Mahoney from the local policing team who spoke to Years 5 and 6 about the age of criminal responsibility.

DSC00961 DSC00959 DSC00958 DSC00955 DSC00954 DSC00952

Miss Power SFA Group - 25th November 2016

Miss Power's SFA teams have really enjoyed reading 'Johnny and the Dead' by Terry Pratchett. They have written fantastic play scripts persuading the capitalist oppressors not to bulldoze Johnny's precious graveyard. They also wrote advice for stage actors to get the audience to understand the importance of preserving the past. Here they are doing The Mannequin Challenge as characters from the play.

Winter Market 2016 - 19th November 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to our wonderful winter market. We had a fabulous day and through your support and generosity we have raised £2900 for our children. 🤗

Our staff and stall holders were amazing - dressing in Christmassy outfits and braving the cold for four hours!

Santa did a roaring trade and he heard the Christmas wishes from over 150 children. 

Year six made us very proud with their enterprise stalls and they will find out their total on Monday's a secret surprise for them! 

Thank you to our amazing community - we couldn't have done it without you. 

Mrs Manzi 

DSC02410 DSC02409 DSC02405 DSC02392 DSC00087 DSC00047

DSC00077 DSC00074 DSC00090 DSC00076



Miss Slater and 6S - SFA Lesson - 17th November 2016

6S and Miss Slater have performed their own take on the The Mannequin Challenge - we hope you enjoy

EWPA Football Team  - 20th October 2016

A fantastic performance in the school's first football match of the year, ended in a 5-1 victory for the mighty EWPA! This puts us through to the second round - away against Mayplace.


Year 6 - Aristole's Ladder of Life - 20th October 2016

In Science, Year 6 have been looking at classifying living and non-living things into different categories according to their visible characteristics. The children have looked at how famous taxonomists Aristole and Linneaus have grouped things in the past. Here is our display based on Aristole's Ladder of Life.  


5T - Team Building - 17th October 2016

Today in class I decided to use our PE slot to do some team building activities. I split my class in to two groups; one of twelve and one of thirteen. I gave each team a box that contained an unmade SAMBA goal. They were given no instructions other than to make what was in the box. They had to use their team skills and listening skills to build the goals.  Unfortunately, due to inclement weather we had to finish our activity short! The photos show the progress that was made thus far - super effort 5T.

 DSC00741 DSC00740 DSC00738

DSC00730 DSC00728 DSC00723

Year 6 - Bikeability Week - October 2016

This week, Year 6 are taking part in BIKEABILITY WEEK, a cycle proficiency course delivered by professional trainers who are teaching road safety skills. The training is delivered in small groups and is being enjoyed by all those who are taking part.

DSC02284 DSC02300 DSC02298 DSC02297 DSC02296 DSC02294 DSC02293 DSC02291 DSC02290 DSC02289

Year 5 - Science - Investigating Forces - 21st September 2016

science 5EM 211916 3 DSC01267 DSC01269 science 210916 5EM2 DSC01268 DSC01264

Year 6 - Welcome to September 2016

Year 6 welcome in the new academic year with their class photos! A message from Miss Slater, Head of Year 6:

"I am so excited to spend another year with this class. We have started the term off well by looking at team work and resolving conflicts in order to be successful learners. I am sure we will have another great year together. "

6ssept16  6bsept16  6psept16


Our memories below are from the 2015-2016 Academic Year


Year 6 Memories - End of Academic Year 2016


Chessington World Of Adventures - Year 6 Trip - 14th July 2016

IMG_1247 IMG_1269 IMG_1256 IMG_1248

IMG_1281 IMG_1279 IMG_1283 IMG_1282

Year 6 Enterprise Day - 13th July 2016

DSC01286 DSC01285 DSC01282DSC01273 DSC01269 DSC01266DSC01260 DSC01259 DSC01258DSC01254

Green Travel Mark 2016


KS1 & KS2 Art Gallery - Friday 8th July 2016

ks1-1 ks1-5 ks2-9 ks2-8

Year 5 at Welling Sports Day - Thursday 7th July 2016

Well done to all the Year 5 Pupils who participated in Welling school's Primary Sports Day on Thursday 8th June. Our pupils competed in a range of activities that included High/long Jump, Javelin, Shotput, Relay and Sprints.

DSC00425 DSC00408 DSC00401 DSC00398 DSC00377 DSC00366

£390.21 raised for Sport Relief - 4th July 2016


Year 3/4 Sports Day - 22nd June 2016

Well done to everyone who participated in the Year 3/4 Sports Day. Everyone who took part had great fun competing with the various events.

Year3and4 (1) Year3and4 (2) Year3and4 (3) Year3and4 (4) Year3and4 (5) Year3and4 (6)Year3and4 (7) Year3and4 (8) Year3and4 (9)

Year 1/2 Sports Day - 22nd June 2016

Well done to everyone who participated in the Year 1/2 Sports Day. Everyone who took part had great fun competing with the various events.

IMG_0341 IMG_0353 IMG_0345 IMG_0338 IMG_0334 IMG_0286

EWP at the TKAT Games - 21st June 2016

Another huge congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 children who took part in the TKAT Games yesterday (Tuesday 21st June 2016) at Crystal Palace Stadium.

DSC01262 DSC01264 DSC01259 DSC01257 DSC01255 DSC01254  DSC01253 DSC01252 DSC01250 DSC01247 DSC01243 DSC01235

Year 4 Science Museum Trip - 13th June 2016

IMG_1122 IMG_1111 DSC00141 DSC00134 DSC00127 DSC00125

 KM Charity Perfect Packed Lunch Competition - 10th June 2016

Luke and Alexandra in Year 4 who made it down to 16 finalists.



TE Perfect Packed 100616 BD4.2





Performance In Education - 9th June 2016

A big thank you to PERFORMANCE IN EDUCATION who spoke to Year 6 about Road Safety when travelling to and from their Secondary School and also how to prepare for this important move to Secondary.

road safety 2 road safety 3

Tree Mural - April 2016 - (video released 5th May 2016)

We have designed and worked with an artist to create this beautiful tree mural.

Every child in our school has added their handprint as a ‘leaf’.

The mural celebrates our ‘Caring, Supporting, Achieving’ motto

I hope you enjoy the time-lapse video showing every child participating, we had great fun doing it! 

Year 5 PGL Windmill Hill - Thursday 5th May

windmill 5th (1) windmill 5th (3) windmill 5th (29) windmill 5th (40) windmill 5th (36)windmill 5th (10) windmill 5th (9) windmill 5th (11) windmill 5th (16) windmill 5th (22) windmill 5th (27) windmill 5th (35)windmill 5th (14) windmill 5th (21)

Archery1 (1) Archery1 (2) Archery1 (3) Archery1 (4) Archery1 (5) Archery1 (6)

Archery1 (7) Archery1 (8) Archery1 (9)

IMG_0767 IMG_0754 IMG_0752 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0771  IMG_0742 IMG_0750 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0756  IMG_0758 IMG_0757 IMG_0740 IMG_0739 IMG_0762


More photos will be added shortly.

Year 5 PGL Windmill Hill Residential Trip - Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th May 2016


Year 4 London Walk & Boat Trip - Friday 29th April 2016

On Friday 29th April, Year 4 enjoyed a lovely sight-seeing walk around London and boat trip down the River Thames.

IMG_4706 DSC00047

DSC00015 DSC00018

5P trip to the Houses of Parliament - 27th April 2016

5P enjoyed their trip to The Houses of Parliament

IMG_0085  IMG_0084  IMG_0082

Local Police visit to EWPA - 20th April 2016

The local Policing team PCSO Mahoney and PC Stiles visited Year 4 today to give a talk about road safety. We were shown how to look out for dangers on the road, the risks of crossing a road and how to cross the road safely as a pedestrian.

DSC00456  DSC00455

5J trip to the Houses of Parliament - 20th April 2016

5J enjoyed their trip to The Houses of Parliament

5j trip 2  5j trip  parl2  parl  

Year 6 EWPA Football Team Celebrates - 14th April 2016

Following our cup final win for the prestigious Kevin McCarthy Cup, the East Wickham Football Team celebrates together by enjoying a meal at Nandos, Bexleyheath.


5S Trip to Houses of Parliament- 13th April 2016

5S enjoying their school trip to The Houses of Parliament

 5s trip1 5s trip 2

Easter Raffle 2016 - 31st March 2016

We can announce that our Easter Raffle (31st March 2016) raised a grand total of £320. The KS1 Raffle raised £185 and the KS2 Raffle raised £135 so a big thank you to everyone!

The KS1 prize winners were:
1st Prize Winner: Ashton 2N
2nd Prize Winner: Lexie RU
3rd Prize Winner: Mrs Midford
4th Prize Winner: Mrs Piper

The KS2 prize winners were:
1st Prize Winner: NKECHI 5S
2nd Prize Winner: KACIE 6M
3rd Prize Winner: MRS HUDSON
4th Prize Winner: MRS DUNNE

A complete list of winners is available upon request.

DSC00891 DSC00853

DSC00951 DSC00959

'Shakespeare Rocks' - Yr4 Production - 23rd March 2016

The year 4 students performed their play Shakespeare Rocks on Wednesday 23rd March, 2016. They entertained parents with singing, dancing and humor. Well done to all the year 4 students.

DSC00265 DSC00261 DSC00254

EWPA Football Team - 22nd March 2016

What a game! We arrived at Hurst Primary to play against Hurst in their own backyard! An advantage for them, that was only leveled by the marvelous support which was provided by East Wickham parents and staff (thank you). After full time the deadlock could not be broken, with some great defending (even from the front) from both teams. Extra time and 10 more minutes of nail-biting action! The full time whistle blew and the teams couldn't be separated. 0-0 and the cup was shared.
This is truly an incredible achievement. We are now officially the best primary school football team in the whole of Bexley! Not only were we the winners of the cup, but we were very gracious in victory. Fair play and good spirit was upheld throughout...turns out nice guys DON'T finish last!
I personally would like to thank everyone for their support and good wishes. All of the boys made us incredibly proud.
Thanks again
Mr. Thompson

Year 2 Trip to Tesco

IMG_0554  IMG_0506  IMG_0444

IMG_0422  IMG_0401  IMG_0398


Science Fair at EWPA - Monday 14th March 2016

It was a wonderful day for a Science Fair!

On Monday 14th March, 2016, children from KS1 and KS2 brought in their wonderful science projects which they worked so hard on at home. We had 22 projects for KS2 and 25 projects from KS1. Children worked by themselves or with a partner, had to speak about their work and show it off to judges and their friends. All of our students came to visit in the afternoon and were amazed by the creativity and inventiveness of the projects.

IMG_6572  IMG_6525  IMG_6510

DSC00295  DSC00285  DSC00284

DSC00282  DSC00279  DSC00273


Magistrate Visit to EWPA - 10th March 2016

Mr P. Dyer, a Justice of the Peace visited East Wickham on 10th March and spoke with years 3,4,5 and 6 about what a Magistrate is, the reason why we have trials and the importance of good behaviour and the consequence of when the rules are broken.

DSC00264  DSC00261  DSC00260

DSC00259  DSC00254  DSC00253

Year 4 visit The British Museum - 8th March 2016


World Book Day 2016 - Thursday 3rd March 2016

DSC00225  DSC00232  DSC00238

DSC00284  DSC00287  IMG_0388

Amnesty International Visit - 25th February 2016

A member of Amnesty International, Mr Jones, paid our children a Visit on Thursday 25th February to give a presentation on Human rights and the origins of the organisation.


Well done 5S! 12th February 2016


Year 3 Egyptian Day - 11th February 2016

Year 3 pupils got the chance to experience the life of an Egyptian, they participated in many activities such as making bread.

egypt1   eqypt2   eqypt3

eqypt4   eqypt5   eqypt6

East Wickham Choir - 26th January 2016

East Wickham Choir visited the O2 on Tuesday 26th January to demonstrate their singing abilities

We are so proud of our choir who joined 7470 other children singing as part of Young Voices at the O2 this week. 

IMG_2973    o2images (5)

Bexley Mayor Visit - 24th November 2015

On the 24th November 2015 we were very fortunate to receive a visit from The Worshipful Mayor of Bexley, Councillor Sybil Camsey.

The Mayor enabled the children to understand the history  of the Mayoral robes and supported our understanding of democracy in demonstrating how she was elected to the role and how a Council meeting runs and its comparison to our School Council procedures.

The children had the opportunity to ask questions and made us very proud when they correctly addressed their queries with "Madam Mayor, how do you ..............?"

DSC00207  DSC00237 DSC00228