Policy Document

Our Safeguarding and Children Protection Policy can be found here.

Further information can also be found on our Policy page.

Children Missing from School

If a child goes missing from education they could be at risk of significant harm.

Concerns could be raised because

  • Child has failed to attend school for a number of days without good reason
  • There has been no contact from the parents giving reasons for the absence
  • There is unsubstantiated contact from an “unknown adult” that the child has left the school
  • There are information or “rumours” from other children that the child has left
  • Information has been found on social media by other children that leads school staff to believe that the child has left


The Protocol is:

1. The school Attendance Advisory Officer will be contacted and asked to make a home address visit to obtain information.

2. The School Attendance Advisory Officer will contact the school at the earliest opportunity to advise staff of the result of the enquiries

3. If it is not possible to speak to the person named as a contact, a letter or e-mail will be sent to that person asking for information about the missing child and their whereabouts

If no contact is made or information gained then:

4. School will contact the Local Authority missing child service and advise them that the child is no longer attending, detailing the enquiries that have been made to trace them and providing any information that has been obtained.

Further information can be found here.

Designated Teachers

Our Designated teachers are: Mrs Manzi, Mrs Moore and Mrs Whiley.

Disciplining Your Child Leaflet

Disciplining Your Child leaflet.

IT & Security Systems

Safeguarding has always been a priority for us, but more recently, safeguarding policies have to incorporate the schools fast evolving IT systems. Our Internet provider, London Grid for Learning (LGfL), provides both centrally and locally control filtering policies and reporting systems which are regularly updated and are Prevent Duty compliant. We have physical safeguarding mechanisms in placing including CCTV, door access security, intercom entry and visitor management.

FGM Summer Safeguarding Booklet

Please click here for safeguarding information relating to FGM.